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Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5?

Posted By: pillysuss

Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5? - 06/25/07 07:49 PM


I am new to this board, having discovered it while researching pianos. I am looking at a used one-owner 3-4 year old Yamaha U5. It is in excellent condition and I have bartered the price down to US$8500 from an advertised price of $9800. It comes with a 5-year warranty from the dealer and 100% buy-back if we trade/buy another from the same dealer within 5 years. I would like to know if this is a good deal. I'm having a really hard time finding out any information on going prices for a new or used, although I did uncover that the "Blue Book" lists a retail price at $13,500 for a new one.

I would welcome any feedback you have on this purchase. Thanks so much.
Posted By: Craigen

Re: Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5? - 06/25/07 11:11 PM

This deal sounds good as long as the facts are straight. Have you had an "independant" technician survay the piano? Do this.
Posted By: jwjazz

Re: Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5? - 06/25/07 11:50 PM

Usually the 100% buy back is when you spend double on your next purchase. Another dealer here offers a lifetime buy back if you spend double. 5 year warranty is standard for a used instrument. Unfortuneatly the 10 year warranty when it was new is not transferrable from the owner to you.
I believe that dealers can quote a used price over the phone, but it is against their agreement with Yamaha to quote a new price over the phone.
I used to work for a dealer as an assistant, and I vaguely remember the new U5 going for 12k or 13k.
I guess you would want to make sure it is not a gray market piano. One not made for the US, so supposedly the instrument will not respond as well to the climate here. The serial number can determine this.

I found a website in the UK advertising a price of 5,879 pounds sterling for a new U5, this equals $11,757. Apparently in the UK dealers can advertise their prices on the internet. I don't think they can in the US.

To compare prices you can also search all the craigslists by googling craigslist yamaha u5. There was an 8 year old u5 for 9000 in Vancouver.

The Colorado Piano buyer's guide also says 13,5 for a new u5. That really translates to about 12 at a dealer.

See if you can negotiate free delivery and 1 free tuning.

Get an independant tech
Posted By: kenny

Re: Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5? - 06/25/07 11:55 PM

"Buyback" just raises the price you will be able to negotiate on the upgrade.

Plus it decreases the chance you will shop around for your next piano - bad idea.

Ignore it.
Posted By: pillysuss

Re: Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5? - 06/26/07 12:24 AM

Thanks for the input. I've now got a quote from another dealer--this one is the "certified" Yamaha dealer for my state--for a new U5 for $10,200. Judging by the comments above, this appears to be a good deal too, plus I would get the benefit of having a new piano and the full warranty. My only concern is that this dealer does not carry it in stock because he doesn't sell alot of these. I've tried out the used U5 and really like it. Has anyone here ever ordered a piano that wasn't in stock. Typically, do new pianos that are the same make/model/year vary alot from one to the other? Or are things like tone, touch and voicing pretty much the same? If I order a new piano, the dealer has told me that I should have very serious intent to purchase it, barring any significant problems with the instrument, since he does not normally stock the U5. Any advice?
Posted By: mdsdurango

Re: Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5? - 06/26/07 01:45 AM

Just so happens that there is a very nice U5 piano for sale just one state west of yours. You can see this piano in the PianoWorld Pianos for Sale area; U5C
It's the eighth (?) piano down on the page. Take a look before you purchase another U5. This has some unique features that most U5s do not.
PM me or call if at all interested.

Posted By: jwjazz

Re: Is this a good deal on a Yamaha U5? - 06/26/07 09:10 AM

Give the dealer a refundable deposit and have him get the piano on his floor. Then you can try it and if you don't like it you get your deposit back. This is customary.
It sounds like he is trying to pressure you by saying you must have serious intent. You shouldn't waste his time either, but you should definately be able to try the instrument you are going to pay 10k for.

Since Yamahas are not a hand-made piano, the new ones will not vary much from one to the next, in my experience.
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