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yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185

Posted By: Warren

yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/02/01 10:33 PM

We are looking for a piano, and have decided to go with a used piano because it allows us to get a better piano for the price. We are considering either a 1970 G2 Yamaha or a 1994 G185 Young Chang. Both are offered by a dealer, via the internet so they're not available for review, and come with a 30 day return garantee and 5 and 10 year warranty respectively. Which of these two pianos would likely be the better instrument? Thanks a bunch. I never imagined purchasing a piano was so complicated! Warren
Posted By: Penny

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/03/01 12:27 AM

It's about to get more complicated. I'm pretty confident that NO ONE here would advise you to get any of these pianos, simply because you have not had the chance to see them, hear them, play them, feel the touch and have your own independent tech check them out.

So what if it has a warranty? Do you really want to go to all that trouble after the piano is in your home? Why not take the time, as we often advise here, to read "The Piano Book," and then play as many pianos as you can, both inside and beyond your price range. Then you'll know what YOU are looking for in a piano. None of us can tell you what YOU will like.

Certainly, there's got to be more options than this internet provider???? BTW, a piano hunt should take a couple of months. But then you'll have the best instrument that you can afford, one that is likely to adorn your home for years to come and provide hours of musical entertainment/enlightment. I strongly urge you to put more research into your search.

Keep in touch,
Posted By: BruceD

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/03/01 01:26 AM


I can only underscore, second, echo, and re-iterate what Penny has said.

Not only is it doubtful that anyone here would advise you to get either one of these pianos, most would counsel strongly against getting either one. Pianos, as you may or may not know - you don't indicate your experience with pianos - are very individual and even sometimes idiosyncratic items. Each has its own character and its own qualities, because there are so many variables interacting, and two pianos coming out of the same factory at the same time may be, and often are, quite different in tone and action.

You may not like the tone or the touch of the particular piano you get, even though there may be absolutely nothing inherently wrong with the instrument; where will the dealer's return policy leave you in that case? What assurance do you have that these used pianos are in as good condition as it is possible to make them, or are they being marketed at what may seem to be a good price just to move them out of stock?

The only way to buy a piano - and this holds true for new and used - is to plan to spend several months playing, re-playing and playing again as many pianos as you might be able to get your hands on. Then, when you think you've found the best you can get for what you have to spend, when you've found that piano that really speaks (or is it sings?) to you, spend a few extra dollars and hire an independent piano technician to check out the piano, a move that is imperative if the piano is a used one.

It may be frustrating not to be able to satisfy that desire to have your piano as soon as you'd planned on having it, but a hasty move ordering one of these pianos from this internet dealer may result - could result - in a long term disappointment.

Once you get started on it, the search will be not only instructive but also quite fun; settle back and enjoy it.

Keep us posted, please.


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Posted By: Jolly

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/03/01 04:03 PM

Never, Never, NEVER, buy a piano without looking at it and playing it first. There are some who will tell you that certain pianos such as Yamaha are so consistent, you can buy sight unseen. Wrong! All pianos are different, even within the same manufacturer's line.

Penny's advice is very sound. Please follow it! smile
Posted By: Warren

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/03/01 10:35 PM

I've always found the posts on this forum helpful and enlightening. I appreciate these responses; it looks like a unanimous decision. I believe I'll go do some more listening and looking. Thanks for your input, Warren.
Posted By: Amy

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/04/01 12:19 AM

If you really need to get one of those 2, definatly go with the Yamaha. Its a MUCH better piano than the Young Chang.
Posted By: Warren

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/05/01 12:09 AM

Thanks for your reply. From reading the Piano Book I was leaning in that direction. I still plan to examine/listen to some additional pianos. I appreciate everyones input. Warren smile
Posted By: Norbert

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/06/01 04:55 AM

It is,unfortunately, always 'suspect' when general statements about comparable brands are made as they hardly ever reflect
anything really 'true' or tangible about any particular instruments at hand!
For example to say:
'Yamaha is better than Young Chang',which ..
..'is better than Kawai',I'm sorry, really doesn't make sense, especially in today's market! It's missing out by a huge margin the significant changes that have occurred in the last few years AS WELL AS the considerable differences between individual instruments by same makers!
The beauty of shopping around is EXACTLY that
you may find a lower priced piano equally or
even more pleasing than ,say a more expensive
piano in today's market!
The challenge is - as usual- to find "better".. for whom?
The player - the buyer - the customer!!
Let's never forget this....basic fact!!
Norbert Marten

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Posted By: BruceD

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/06/01 11:17 AM


I agree with your post. There is nothing more misleading - particularly if it is directed at someone who has little experience with pianos - to say - categorically - that one piano is better than another without having any details on either piano.

The statement that Yamaha is better than Young Chang is all the more dubious in this particular thread because the original poster is talking about two used pianos about which he presumably has no history and which are pianos made 24 years apart. The Yamaha dates from 1970 and the Young Chang from 1994, we are told. A lot can happen to a used piano in even seven years to say nothing of what the twenty-one year-old Yamaha may have been subjected to!

Posted By: Samejame

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/07/01 01:58 AM


In fact, if I were to go out on a limb and compare, I might just put a 1994 YC G185 above a 1970 Yamaha G2. However, that having been said, I ditto everyone here in saying this (internet buying, sight unseen)is not a good idea. You are the one who must be happy with this piano. There is no excuse or reason to buy, irregardless of circumstances, any piano you have not played, or someone you trust implicitly has not played.

Posted By: ryan

Re: yamaha G2 or Young Chang G185 - 09/07/01 03:11 PM

The problem is you have no idea where the 1970 G2 has been. If you know something about pianos and have access to the piano, you can sometimes get an idea of how it's been used by looking it over. Or if you can't look it over yourself, hire a technician in the area to check it out for you. If it turns out that the G2 has spent most of it's life in a practice room at a music school, run the other direction!


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