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Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995?

Posted By: Greenboy

Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995? - 10/03/07 10:35 PM

We are looking for a piano for our three children to learn on. Someone near us is selling a Yamaha LU-11 "excellent condition, walnut finish" for $1,995. She said the serial number is 504039, and that it was mfr'd in 1987. Can anyone tell me anymore about this piano? Does it seem worth investigating? (I.e., hiring a piano person to check it out, etc.?)

I asked her when it was last tuned, and she said she didn't know - "a long time ago."

Any help much appreciated.
Posted By: Rich Galassini

Re: Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995? - 10/04/07 11:54 AM

Dear Greenboy,

This was a "budget model" when it was new. Obviously, Yamaha has models of varying quality, and this was their bottom of the barrel.

I have never played one that I have liked and in my opinion was not their best effort. But if it appeals to you, have a tech. look at it and give you his opinion.

Good luck,
Posted By: GoatRider

Re: Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995? - 10/04/07 01:25 PM

If that's a "budget model", the price is way too high for a 20 year old piano. For not much more you can get a NEW budget model piano.

And my guess is "excellent condition" only refers to the outside, if it hasn't been tuned in a long time.

If you're still interested in checking it out, don't bother with the tech first. Just go and look at it yourself, make sure all the keys play consistently. Don't worry about odd sounding notes, that's probably just being out of tune. Look inside, see if there's anything obvious amiss. If it still sounds good, then hire a tech.

If you've got Larry Fine's "the Piano Book", there's a chapter to read about checking out used pianos yourself prior to hiring a tech.
Posted By: Steve Cohen

Re: Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995? - 10/04/07 02:44 PM

The LU11 was a promotional model that Yamaha discontinued ofter less that 2 years in production. While I believe that Yamaha, for the most part, make consistantly solid pianos, the LU!! and the original GH1 grand were exceptions.

They both we well below Yamaha standards and were withdrawn or redesigned in short order.

Keep shopping.

PS. $1995 is absurdly high for this model.
Posted By: Greenboy

Re: Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995? - 10/04/07 06:11 PM

Thank you!!! I appreciate the input, and won't bother checking this one out.
Posted By: pianogabor

Re: Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995? - 10/04/07 08:44 PM

Our first piano was a Yamaha C108 which I believe is a similar model to the LU-11.(we are trying to sell it to make room for a new baby grand).
I have played piano before and IMO think it is a real decent starter piano....All the techs that have tuned it have agreed as well.
It has been quite durable over the past 19 years and although not the loudest instrument, still has a nice clear,bright tone...

Gabriel in Minnesota
Posted By: Christopher P. Smith

Re: Yamaha LU-11 for $1,995? - 10/05/07 09:18 PM

I'll agree with what has been said on the LU11.
You can purchase something of quality brand new for about $400-600 more.
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