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Posted By: Pianoray My new Petrof - 07/19/03 10:34 PM
Hi All,

This is my first public appearance here after lurking for several months. First let me say I'm very appreciative of and greatly enjoyed the topics discussed here and found them very informative and helpful in selecting the first piano of my dreams. I've played a hand-me-down 1912 Krakauer upright to near death for the last 40 years finally abandoning it when I recently retired and moved to Florida. Based on several factors including my wife's input regarding acceptable style and finish, financial resources and the comments heard in this group I chose a Petrof IV in polished walnut and paid $16,500 plus tax delivered with two tunings. I am very pleased with the Petrof and have found it a delight to play (keep in mind I was used to a very beat up Krakauer. I am prompted to write this message after reading discussions which talked about dealer preping. In the case of my Petrof I received it with a barely functioning pianisimo (sp?) pedal which functions to a degree but requires I help slide the keys back to the left after I release the pedal. The F#s seem to be noticably out of tune, and two C#s have their dampers hang up and will release only after I press and release the damper pedal in addition, I notice a few keys seem to have a faint buzz to them when played very softly. My questions: Does it seem like this piano received any attention at the dealership? Are the problems I'm experiencing the norm from a new piano? Should I be concerned? I really do appreciate your responses. Thank you.

Ray Ziebro
Posted By: curry Re: My new Petrof - 07/19/03 10:58 PM
Hi Ray,I won't jump the gun and say the problems the piano is experiencing are due to lack of dealer prep,but rather the the change of climate, especially humidity changes from the showroom to your house.Most of what you've mentioned are humidity control issues,especially the sticking una corda or shift pedal.Call the the dealer to mention the problems now and set up the date for your first tuning,the Tech should be able to rectify the problems when he comes.Also note the piano needs to settle in to it's new environment for a short period of time,when the temp and humidity start to get under control some of these issues may dissapear.You live in Florida a harsh environment for pianos,you may want to look into a climate control system such as those offered by Dampp-Chaser. smile
Posted By: jazzyd Re: My new Petrof - 07/19/03 11:12 PM

Sticky dampers are something I have experienced with my own (quite old) piano. In my case, it was two issues: Damper bushings (located on the soundboard) being too tight and wedge-type dampers not being seated properly in the strings.

As for the buzzing - I've had that too. Careful hammer realignment and voicing solved it. Although your buzz could be a lid or music desk hinge or something similar...?

I have had the not-returning action as well. Strangely, that cured itself with use.

Hope that helps. None of those problems sound too serious to me, but I defer to the many professionals here. smile

Posted By: Norbert Re: My new Petrof - 07/19/03 11:35 PM
At the expense of sounding biased or negative
[I really don't intend to be!], I must say that the type of obviously required dealer prep [and often not done....] addressing your stated problems is exactly what divides a normal 'nice' piano from true high end "out of the crate".....but then you also paid a reasonable price.

And if the dealer didn't do his job exactly right before shipping this piano to you, again IMHO, he should have WARNED you at least about the possibility or likelihood of this to happen.

It obviously bewilders you enough to ask these questions here on the Forum: the REAL conversation re this matter should be going on between YOURSELF AND YOUR DEALER!!!

And,ideally [or shall I say 'normally'?] you shouldn't have to look for help or info re this 'routine matter'.... anywhere else!

So don't - go call your dealer and speak with HIM ! ASAP!!

P.S. Congratulations to your new piano you otherwise seem to enjoy!! smile

Posted By: John Ruggero Re: My new Petrof - 07/20/03 01:34 AM
I think the question here is whether the piano left the store with these problems present. Well I guess only the dealer knows the answer to that question. What really matters is that none of the problems you described are serious in the sense that they cannot easily be fixed by a competent tech. As the other gentlemen said, you do live in Florida where the humidity is very high and most of the problems are humidity related. I do not think however that this gives the dealer a free pass. If the piano left the store with these problems, that is pretty slack on their part but regardless, they should fix the problems.
Posted By: Pianoray Re: My new Petrof - 07/20/03 05:14 AM
Thank you all very much. I have spoken to the dealer and he said that all would be resolved when the tuner makes his first visit after a 30 day aclimitizing period. I guess I just wondered if the varied problems were anything to be alarmed about. Anyhow, in spite of the problems, it really is a sweet sounding piano and a real joy to play. Just for the record I tried the following pianos before selecting the Petrof: Young Chang, Bergman, Mason and Hamlin, and Pramberger. I found the M&H the most exciting to play but it was out of my price range. I could have been content with the sound and price of the Pramberger but my wife really enjoyed the Petrof sound. Since she is the one still working, I had no problem accepting her advice. Again, thanks for your reponses which helped put me at ease.
Posted By: Ringer Re: My new Petrof - 07/20/03 05:48 AM
I wouldn't be worried about these problems. The dampers probably can be easily fixed by your tech.

As for the buzzing, try and see where it's coming from. Sometimes my lid lock on the piano buzzes if it is not seated tightly. Also if the music desk is barely against it's back stops they can buzz. Also, things in the room may be causing the buzzing. If it is the key, it may be the capo d'astro bar. I had some jangling from it on two notes and my tech but in two teeny strips of felt, problem solved. Bottom line, it's a time-saver to try and find where the buzzing is before the tech arrives.

The lack of return on the una corda can be fixed by your tech in a jiff, the bottom of the action just needs some lubricant [usually graphite]. Even though this is easily fixed, DO NOT pull the action out of your piano. If a key is pressed and the action is pulled out, the hammer will break off. My movers did this and it is not fun. If the tech does it, it's much better since they can patch it up for you, and you avoid having a coronary. :p

Anyway congrats on the Petrof! I ended up with an Estonia myself, but I've always really enjoyed Petrofs as well. Even got to play one in Prague! wink
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