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Posted By: PianoWVBob I’m going to sell my Weber upright... - 12/30/20 11:39 AM
Well, it’s been fun but I’m going to sell my piano.

I moved it across country but I rediscovered my love of guitar playing and so I’m gonna scale down so the piano, and just get a keyboard to mess with.

I know there was a place online to sell pianos, some sort of piano broker, can anyone point me to it and give me some advice on how to get going?
Posted By: Rickster Re: I’m going to sell my Weber upright... - 12/30/20 02:22 PM
Hello, Bob,

Sometimes we decide to change things up a bit, and there is nothing wrong with that. It kind of spices up life's adventures, and adds to our life's experiences.

And, keyboards/digital pianos are getting better and better with improved technology.

As for selling your piano, maybe you were referring to Pianomart https://www.pianomart.com/

There is a fee, I'm sure, with Pianomart. You can also advertise your piano here on Piano World https://pianoworld.com/pianos-for-sale/ for a small fee.

Also, I'd suggest Facebook Marketplace, if you are on FB. Craigslist is still a viable, free, advertising site, but be aware of the scammers that frequent that site. And, I'm sure there are other classified sites in your area.

One thing is for sure, acoustic pianos are much easier to buy than they are to sell, or even give away, depending on the piano. smile

Good luck, and Happy New Year!

Bob, in addition to Rick's suggestions (all of which I agree with!) you might also see if OfferUp is used in your area. And yes, PianoMart has a fee for the seller, I think it's a straight percentage of the amount the piano sold for. One other place is NextDoor.

Another thing I would recommend, if you haven't already done it, is to look on PianoMart and Craigslist and see what upright's similar to yours are listed at. If you pick a few instruments and "follow" them, you can also see how quickly they sell (although you can't really know if they sold at what they were listed for). But that can help you get an idea of how quickly things seem to be selling as well.

Good luck!
Thanks everyone, yes it was piano Mart that I was thinking of,
I’ll check those other avenues too
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