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Hi, there are around 17 notes whose resonance is very short. It makes me really stressed. Does anyone know possible reason? The hammer works alright .

Listen 00:35~00:45.G,F,E,D,C in middle part. Apologies for mirrored video.
Do you mean the sustain is short? I couldn't hear the problem notes in your video although maybe some others can.I think it would be better to post a different video playing just the problem notes individually and definitely without pedal. I think are several reasons why some notes could have an inadequate sustain and various methods that sometimes can improve/fix the problem depending on what the cause is. People more knowledgeable than me will hopefully add a response. Do you have a tech?
Volume's quite low for me.
If this is the same thing you posted in the tech forum, I agree with my colleague above that this is a bad way to assess possible tone problems (via a heavily pedaled piece of music with a lot of harmony).

Let's hear each note played slowly, at a variety of dynamic levels. Then let's hear you pluck the same notes with a plectrum, to hear the difference between what the hammer sounds like in and out of the equation, so far as sustain is concerned. Then let's hear some octaves through the same region, to hear how the tuning may be positively/negatively interacting with the pieces you're playing. Do all of this without using the damper pedal.
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