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Posted By: Onus Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/24/20 05:04 AM
Hi everybody. First post here, would like some help to choose a upright piano for my 9 year old daughter, who has been playing for 3 years. Originally I thought of buying a digital piano from Kawai or Yamaha(some of the middle or near top models like Ca67 or CS10)
But my wife thinks it is better to buy a real piano, so have now researched a bit and found 2 candidates, the Kawai KS1F and Kawai K15.

KS1F was bought used in 1999 from a shop. The model was produced in the 80´s but do not know the exact age. It is well kept and has not been used much since 2010. It has been tuned when the owner felt it needed to, but not sure if it needs a new tuning. Probably does. Cost about $2000 + $350 to deliver. The owner just lowered the asking price a lot(maybe it was set too high to begin with)

The K15 is 13 years old. Bought new. Has not been used much the last 5 years. Also looks in good condition. It needs to be tuned. Also cost about $2000 and $ 360 to deliver.

Both pianos are sold privately. If my research is correct the KS1F is a higher end model while the K15 is more a basis model? But with the age difference perhaps some improvements has been developed since the 1980´s?

As they are the same cost I am not sure which one to buy. What is your recommendations? Thanks in advance
Posted By: Johnny English Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/24/20 05:42 AM
I'd be more inclined to go with the KS1F if they are of equal condition, but it would be impossible to say without testing them out after they are both tuned.
Posted By: K8KT Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/24/20 07:01 AM
Your wife is right about acoustic pianos.

The difference in age is important more mostly due to its effects on the usage history and resulting condition, not as much in terms of technological improvements that may have been made, even though Asian piano manufacturers tend to doll out better pianos at each iteration. So for that matter, slightly older but less used and a well cared for piano could be in better condition than a newer but heavily played piano.

I would lean toward ks1f also as long as it’s in good condition for its age. At the height of 49”, your daughter wouldn’t need to upgrade to another piano for quite some time, possibly never unless she is going to pursue piano degrees in college.

I strongly suggest you hire a piano technician to run a pre purchase inspection before you commit to buying any used piano. Vast majority of pianos look pristine on the outside, or even inside at a glance, regardless of their mechanical conditions. Also, make sure to have your daughter and/or others (many technicians play pianos) to play for you so you could judge the tone. Good luck!
Posted By: Onus Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/24/20 12:24 PM
Thanks for the replies. I was leaning toward the KS1F as well so you guys just confirmed it for me. Unfortunately the piano is located really far away from me so not possible to inspect or play it personally. Of course could hire a technician in that area to inspect it for me so will consider that.
Is 2000$ a OK price for the KS1F?
Posted By: dogperson Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/24/20 12:41 PM
I suspect you are eager to find a piano — which is great! But many of us here would not encourage you to buy a piano you have not played yourself (and your daughter played) and have not had inspected. Unlike cars, each piano is different, even of the same model. Piano shopping is not always quick and easy; so take your time,
Posted By: terminaldegree Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/24/20 01:48 PM
Posted By: supersport Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/24/20 05:58 PM
Onus if you can share your location, there might be a member here who knows the piano market near you.
Posted By: Onus Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/30/20 07:26 AM
Hi, I'm living around Copenhagen, Denmark.
Btw someone near is offering a Blüthner model 4 grand piano for free. Just needs to transport it home.
It's from about 1900 though...is it worth the hassle?
Posted By: terminaldegree Re: Kawai KS1F or K15 - 10/30/20 01:20 PM
Have it thoroughly inspected by a technician who’s familiar with these pianos. Free pianos are never “free”, and it’s possible you’d need to spend far more than your original budget to get this one into reliable playing condition, at 120 years old.
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