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1859 Antique Pleyel Piano on Ebay!

Posted By: Avantgardenabi

1859 Antique Pleyel Piano on Ebay! - 10/15/08 04:35 AM

I found out today that this interesting (serial # 29671; made in 1859, seller believes) Pleyel piano is currently listed on Ebay for $1,450.

Pleyel, of course, was Chopin's choice.

It seems to be in fair condition, and I guess it can be restored. It certainly is an interesting (dusty) piano, and I wish I can see it in person. smile

Since I aim to restore an antique (and yes, equally dusty) Knabe, perhaps I can personally relate to this piano. I hope that this piano meets a good owner, also.

Honestly, I never played antique (or new) Pleyel pianos. Please feel free to share thoughts and comments about them.

Here are some pictures of it that I've edited for this topic:

[Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]

There also is a video featuring similar Pleyel (1843) on Youtube. Sound was badly recorded, but video is nevertheless worthy to watch:

Posted By: Terry C.

Re: 1859 Antique Pleyel Piano on Ebay! - 10/15/08 05:19 AM

I would love to see this after a rebuild. I bet it was beautiful when it was new.

I played a Pleyel when i was shopping for my new piano. The sound did not impress me too much. It seemed a little bright for my taste. I prefer more of the German tone. This is only my opinion,for i have been told they are highly reguarded.
Posted By: OperaTenor

Re: 1859 Antique Pleyel Piano on Ebay! - 10/15/08 07:20 AM

Another beautiful rosewood case.

It's a fascinating-looking piano, but your Knabe is a world apart from it, AGK.

Just so you know.

This one is straight-strung, and is much lower tension, which produces a sweeter, less-powerful sound, generally.
Posted By: David-G

Re: 1859 Antique Pleyel Piano on Ebay! - 10/15/08 09:11 AM

Thanks for the pictures, AvantG. A beautiful piano, and I think the music desk is very simple and elegant.

I found another one:

[Linked Image]

in a thread in the PTG archives about an 1850s Pleyel Grand, beginning here .

This PTG thread has some interesting observations regarding pianos of that period and how to restore them, which might be of some relevance to your Knabe. (Click on "next message" to work through the thread.)

OT - Did all straight-strung pianos have lower tension? Did higher tension come in at about the same time as overstringing, or was there something about being straight-strung that would not take a higher tension?
Posted By: John Pels

Re: 1859 Antique Pleyel Piano on Ebay! - 10/15/08 07:22 PM

Overstrung will generally allow longer strings in the same size case which is generally preferred.
Posted By: Defosforus

Re: 1859 Antique Pleyel Piano on Ebay! - 02/01/14 02:49 PM

David G. the link is not working anymore, do you have any idea what the serial number is ?
Maybe more pictures or a link that works ? THanks
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