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Posted By: tony3304 Is this piano ok to buy? - 08/07/20 06:55 AM
Hi, I am just thinking to buy Yamaha G2B. I checked all 230 strings if there is any false beat then found seven strings has it. Most of them are not serious, about two or three strings a bit.
The most of dealer didn't allow me to check each string but this dealer was very polite and kind. He asked the tuner to mitigate or fix false beats then sent me video clips.


Is this piano ok to buy? I am just wondering if I am too sensitive.
Posted By: Hakki Re: Is this piano ok to buy? - 08/07/20 12:21 PM
You can also try to measure the false beats.

Yes there are beats and if you won’t get used to them later you might think twice before making your final decision.
Posted By: P W Grey Re: Is this piano ok to buy? - 08/08/20 12:08 AM
Seems okay to me.

Peter Grey Piano Doctor
Posted By: tony3304 Re: Is this piano ok to buy? - 08/08/20 04:21 AM
Thank you guys. I've just decided to buy the piano. I had brand new Yamaha which made in 2004 and it had around 10-12 false beat keys and they were getting worse. G2 now has only two false beat keys and I think it's ok as here in NZ, I have very very small choices and most dealer doesn't allow me to check 230 strings to find false beat.
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