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Posted By: MarianneƘ Green Foot - 05/23/20 07:37 PM
We don't wear shoes inside our home, so the options are
1) Slippers
2) Socks
3) Barefoot
I've discovered that, if playing the piano is involved, option 3) has some serious issues.

A couple months after my new GX-6 arrived, I noticed the damper pedal had taken on a rather ugly dullness. No metallic shine at all, which was particularly obvious against the gleam of the other two pedals. A little cleaning and buffing with a soft cloth didn't help at all. There seemed to be something coating the surface.

So I got a little more heavy-handed with it, and tried a dish scouring pad. That seemed to clean off whatever it was, but left the surface with a satin finish rather than the desired gleaming brass. Not knowing what else to try, I left it at that. It didn't match the other pedals, but at least it wasn't ugly.

A few days later, while rummaging through the garage looking for unrelated items, I discovered a tube of metal polish in my car-care box, and also some very fine 2000 grit sandpaper. Of course, I had to try the polish on the damper pedal. The result was mixed; although it did seem to be trying to bring up the shine, there was still some kind of inhibiting layer.

Time to become daring: I tore off a piece of the 2000 grit and gave the full surface a good sanding, being careful to keep all strokes longitudinal. Following that, another course of polish, and Voila! Beautiful shining brass once more. A sense of triumph pervaded as I admired my pristine pedals.

Would it stand the test of time? Not very well, as it turned out. Disappointment returned after my next barefoot practice session: The ugly dullness was back, exactly where my foot had been on the pedal. Not only that, but while I was sharing my tale of brass woes with my friend, she asked what that funny color was, on the bottom of my foot. Twisting my foot around, there it was - unmistakable copper sulfate green! Mild panic ensued (CuSO4 is toxic) and I quickly washed it off.

Of course, that hasn't cured me of my barefoot habits, but at least I now keep a sock near the lyre so I can cover the pedals while playing.
Posted By: PianoWorksATL Re: Green Foot - 05/23/20 07:54 PM
May I suggest booties for the pedals? Then barefoot is an option again, and the shine should be better preserved beneath the booties.
Posted By: Rickster Re: Green Foot - 05/23/20 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by MarianneƘ
Of course, that hasn't cured me of my barefoot habits, but at least I now keep a sock near the lyre so I can cover the pedals while playing.
Interesting story.

Had my carpet professionally cleaned a couple of weeks ago. The carpet is probably 20 years old but still in good condition because it was a high grade of carpet when we had it installed. It was just dirty from years of use, and only cleaning with those carpet cleaning machines you rent at the supermarket or wherever. I had never had the carpet professionally cleaned.

The carpet cleaning tech said the carpet was in reasonably good shape for the age and the cleaning made a huge difference. It looks much better and will last a few more years easily.

I said all that to say this:

The carpet cleaning tech said walking on carpet with bare feet is about the worse thing you can do to your carpet. He said the oils on the bottom of your feet will stain the carpet as much or worse than walking on the carpet with dirty shoes.

Needless to say, I was very surprised at his comments about the bare feet. I love walking on my carpet with bare feet. smile

I figured there was a correlation between your comments about using the brass pedal on your piano with bare feet and what the carpet cleaner tech said about walking on carpet with bare feet.

Moral of the story? Bare feet are dangerous... smile

Posted By: Rich Galassini Re: Green Foot - 05/23/20 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by PianoWorksATL
May I suggest booties for the pedals? Then barefoot is an option again, and the shine should be better preserved beneath the booties.

You took the words right out of my mouth, Sam.

[shameless plug]And for the OP, I bet they are available right here on PianoWorld at www.pianosupplies.com. If they are not there, I bet Frank would order them for you. [/shameless plug]
Posted By: kaspere Re: Green Foot - 05/25/20 04:15 PM
Hi Marianne,

I thoroughy enjoyed reading your post, the more so as I enjoy playing barefooted on the mornings where I have time before the kids get up. And the damper and una corda pedals on my SK-2 are now matte after two years of ownership. I didn't dare to look under my feet, but I may have the dreaded Green Foot Syndrome! One of these risks, that modern life is full of.

Also, since reading your earlier post about the benefits of going from the RX-2 to the GX-6, I've been thinking about if I one day should trade in my instrument for perhaps a GX-6 (although my SK-2 is a really great instrument, I would think that 7' gives other dynamic and timbral possibilities). I mentioned it to the Kawai dealer the other day, and he was at least open for the idea - without mentioning numbers... Around here, the SK-2 and GX-6 have list prices 1000 USD apart.
Posted By: BruceD Re: Green Foot - 05/25/20 05:18 PM
I don't worry about the slight lack of lustre on my damper pedal. It's one of the few signs of gentle but consistent use that the piano shows. I would, however, be upset to see any other signs such as scratches, blemishes or other marks on the finish of the case or music desk caused by carelessness.

No green foot here; I always play with socks on.

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