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Posted By: simjy Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 05:42 AM
I'll start by saying I know nothing about Pianos, took brief lessons as a kid and sadly now wish I could play.
My daughters just took up Piano and I am looking to get something for the house. I really want them to get into it as I think it will be a great outlet for them dealing with things kids should never have to. We have always wanted a baby grand (sadly one of my cousins got my grandmothers Steinway) for use and admittedly looks. I don't know anything on the subject so I went into a Frank and Camile's and saw something that looked nice and sounded good to me. They indicated it was a great deal on a used Piano and I need to jump on it asap.
After leaving I did some online research on the store and see that there are different unrelated frank and Camile's; East (original) and West. Are the stores trustworthy were i can rely on the information given? Is one reliable and the other not?

Thank you
Posted By: BruceD Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 06:03 AM
What was the "something that looked nice and sounded good...."?

Never - I repeat, never - buy a piano that you have to "jump on because it's a great deal." That is high-pressure salesmanship which says nothing about the quality of the instrument in question. The only time I would do that is when I came across a piano that I liked, with a reliable piano technician (not associated with the store!) at my side who, in all knowledge and confidence after thoroughly examining the piano and the price tag says: "Jump on it, because it's a great deal."

I looked at Frank and Camille's website and am skeptical ....

Posted By: Retsacnal Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 06:53 AM
Pianos don’t fly off the shelves. There is no need to rush. If it were truly a great deal, it would already be gone.
Posted By: simjy Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 01:26 PM
I get the whole jumping on it as a sales push which is why I did not by it on the spot, left and trying to get educated. I did see the store mentioned several times on here and was wondering opinions on the place. My goal on buying a piano is for my daughters to learn on, so no need to spend a fortune right now. However if a little more got me something beautiful that could last I am interested.

The Piano was a Kawai KG-2 in Rosewood. I now know that in my ignorance I don't know what model of the KG-2, the year or the serial number. The piano visually looked beautiful and in great shape. They wanted $5,995 before tax and delivery.
Posted By: Rich D. Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 03:57 PM
I've never been pressured or given false information when I've visited Faust Harrison and Beethoven Pianos in Manhatten. A C Pianocraft, now in Long island is also another store I've visited that I would recommend. While I've not been there, my former pianoo tech in the DC area has had pianos rebuilt by Cantabile Piano Arts (490 Nepperhan ave Yonkers, NY) with excellent results.

Posted By: RayR3004 Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 06:38 PM
Frank & Camille's is a very trustworthy business to deal with. They have been in business since the 1970's.The "Original Frank & Camille's" is located in Carle Place - previously Melville. Camille still runs her store, Frank works out of the "West" locations, but is no longer an owner. They were business partners and decided to split the business, hence the difference in the stores. I don't know much about the new owner of the "West" store, but I used to work for them for many years when I was in the music field. Frank & Camille prided themselves on their return business and recommendations by previous customers, piano technicians and music teachers alike. They were known to be a very knowledgeable and reputable dealership. As an "insider" I have nothing but positive things to say about this business and the way it treats its customers. Years back they dominated the piano market with their teaching programs and concerts. They had a positive influence promoting music on Long Island.
Posted By: s1a1om Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 07:34 PM
We just bought a piano from Faust Harrison in Fairfield and they were great to deal with. No idea if their other locations are the same. They were very helpful (for someone that knew nothing about pianos). They were very low pressure. They didn’t try to up sell us.

But we’re still new to this whole thing and have only had the piano for a couple weeks. It’s too early to say anything about how the piano holds up or if we find any issues over time.

They gave off a good impression and felt trustworthy to us. More so than some other places we visited.
Posted By: tend to rush Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/18/20 08:44 PM
Allegro Pianos (by appointment only), in Stamford is, more or less, piano heaven. Most of the new stock is tier one or just below, but they've some nice rebuilds, at lower prices. Worth scheduling a trip.
Posted By: simjy Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/19/20 04:46 AM
Thank you for all your comments. I am going to keep looking and educating myself to make sure I get the right Piano without rushing into anything.
Posted By: kluurs Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/19/20 08:48 PM
You have gotten good recommendations though I would add Klavierhaus as well. Extraordinary pianos - at least the last time I stopped in.
Posted By: NYSteve Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/23/20 04:40 AM
I’ve been to every piano shop in the NY area including the ones mentioned here and the two most trustworthy dealers in my opinion are Altenberg Piano House in Elizabeth NJ (especially if you want a Mason & Hamlin, which is an outstanding piano these days) and FortePiano in Paramus (they carry a few other high end lines) And if your tastes run toward a refurbished Steinway, I’d suggest Cantabile in Yonkers.
Good luck.
Posted By: LarryK Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/23/20 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by Retsacnal
Pianos don’t fly off the shelves. There is no need to rush. If it were truly a great deal, it would already be gone.

This last sentence is not true. Sometimes you find a great deal and you have the opportunity to be the purchaser. To accept your logic is to accept that there are no truly great deals, and there are great deals. Of course, if your criteria is that spending a dollar on a piano makes it a bad deal then don’t buy a piano.

Sure, the demand for acoustic pianos has been reduced by the flood of digital pianos, but there is still demand. This reduced demand just means that good deals stay on the market longer.

I’ve fought for apartments in Manhattan for twenty years. Apartments here, if they’re good deals, can disappear in minutes. Yet, even in a market like this one, with its brutal competition, I’ve been the purchaser of some good deals.

In the end, it is the purchaser who gets to decide whether their deal is a good deal.
Posted By: LarryK Re: Trustworthy Store in NY - 02/23/20 12:39 PM
I’ll put in a recommendation for Pianos of Princeton, (New Jersey):


They’re a Yamaha dealer and I specially ordered a Yamaha DYUS1 through them. They’ve always been responsive to my emails. I haven’t received delivery of the piano yet so I hope that everything goes well down the line. They are helpful. They said that they’re in the city a lot and that they’ll come back out and help me wrestle the piano onto a custom rug that is going to take four months or more to arrive. They’ll also order and install the a back side DamppChaser for me.

I believe my teacher got her rebuilt Steinway from Cantabile Piano Arts in Yonkers.


and that she uses Ivan Bruner as her tech.
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