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I met somone at the open mic i went to that uses forscore

i would like to put all his music on my forscore and vice versa to him too.

Whats the easiest way to do that?
Just a note i have about 7000 songs and take note some of those item is a collection of songs like a PDF booklet.

It's just how it came in there but most of my stuff i scan 1 at a time so 1 song is 1 song so I can do a keyword search and it be there!

So with that said whats the best way to get all my songs on his forscore and his songs on mine without altering what i have.

also i have all my stuff saved as playlist. IS there a way i can make it playlist on his too?
Hi bubbaXzone,

I have used forscore in the past. I am currently not very active, but I have to say that if I were choosing an app. I would go a different direction. My friend, colleague, and techie, Hugh Sung, is incredibly impressed with Newzik. In fact, he just published a blog post on the newest version of the app.

Hugh Sung on Newzik

Good luck,
I have not seen Newzik, so can't comment. ForScore, however, has been a nice find. Bear in mind, I use it as a violinist, so my needs may be a little different from yours. But with the big iPad and the matching pencil, it is very easy to make (or remove) markings from pretty much anything you want to put in pdf form. And over on violinist.com, it's still taken as the gold standard. If you need fancier stuff, that may also be available, but do see what Hugh has to say about the other thing.
I use forScore and love it. But I don’t have anywhere near as many scores as you do and I’ve never tried to share scores with someone else. Anyway, in case it will be helpful:
1) anything which is a PDF “booklet” would be treated as one score. You can make bookmarks within longer PDFs to jump right to a particular page.
2) it’s very easy to export from Dropbox into forScore, so that might be an option for you.
3) I’m not sure what you mean by “playlist,” are you still taking about scores? If so, you can make set lists, maybe that’s what you mean?

Good luck and let us know which app you decide to use.

I’m going to go read about Newzik now!
hey thanks for reply i mean play list as a group of songs that i personally selected so i can easily go find it.

ex: play list = JAZZ all jazz songs that i like would go here!

Now all stuff is grouped in playlist and folders
I have a folder called "books" which has playlist or i should call "setlist" either or same thing. where its a book i scanned and I make a song as a single (not like a PDF booklet)

the reason why is if am looking for particular song I am not gonna go sit there and read table of contents for each booklet. I am just gonna do a keyword search and its tedious work but it pays off.

if you guys find a way i would be delighted to share my sheets >:D

so yea just reminder wat i am trying to do
I want all of my friends sheets from forscore into mine
I dont want it to interfere with mine as in my stuff gets deleted or something.
oh yea about newzik that won't be an option i already invested so much in forscore i rather just try and stick with that.
Are there any copyright issues with all this music copying?

I would be interested also in learning whether on line music availability and copying has had any impact on the economic viability of music publishers. I worry about the book publishing industry, which has undergone seismic and mostly unfortunate changes, and I was wondering about music publishing.
i dont see why not i mean if it's for personal use!
i never thought about it.
all i know is

i like having access to as much sheets as i can >:D
In ForScore you use setlists and setlist folders to organize your pieces. A piece can be in as many setlists as you want. Bookmarked pages can also be in setlists.
ForScore has a search function to search through your scores. Setlists and scores are also sortable.
You can share directly from ForScore, single scores or multiple scores, annotated or not. Easiest way, if it's to another iPad, is via AirDrop.
One thing about ForScore that is annoying is that it doesn't sync with other devices, and it won't work on Windows laptops. So you need a pdf file for your laptop, and then open it on your iPad and share to the ForScore app. If you have more than one device or the desire to back up into the cloud, it can get a little complicated. Still, does what i have asked it to do.
Not sure what you mean by sync with other devices. Not windows or android AFIK, but other iOS or MacOS devices, bluetooth, wifi, etc. all work. Could you be more specific what you're trying to do?
i'm just trying to find a easy way to transfer all my forscore songs easily to my friends forscore

so he has all the songs already + all mine!
If you are both using devices that run Apple's iOS operating system, you can use AirDrop to send files from one device to another. You can send individual files or groups of files through AirDrop. NOTE: AirDrop only works if the sending and receiving devices are within about 30 feet of each other (it uses Bluetooth, so proximity of devices is necessary).

For example, say I download several .pdf sheet music files from IMSLP. I can download them to a folder on my MacBook Air and then transfer them all through AirDrop to my iPad Pro in a single action. And my iPad then asks what program I want to use to open them, which in my case is ForScore. (Mind you, I could also download files directly to my iPad and import them to ForScore, but I prefer using my laptop to browse through stuff on the internet.) Of course you can sent the files to anyone who is nearby and has their device open.

I guess if you are in the Microsoft world -- or you want to send files to someone who isn't within 30 feet of you--you can use DropBox. It's not quite as simple as AirDrop but accomplishes much the same purpose. You and the person you're sending files to both need to have DropBox on your devices. Beyond that I'm not sure how it works...i.e., whether you give people permission to retrieve stuff from your DropBox or if you send documents to their DropBox. Something like that. Not very complicated. From what I remember, communications through DropBox are very secure, if that's a concern.

If I'm wrong about any of this, I'm sure someone on this forum will correct me!
I recently investigated this and was told by a professional pianist that he used it and all the professionals he knew used it. I’m a new user as a result, and like it so far.
As far as copyright goes, I think it depends on the source of the score. Nowadays, when you buy a pdf score online, say from MusicNotes, it often will say “authorized for use by” and the name of the person who bought. Even if it’s “personal” use, they don’t want you sharing it with someone else, because that’s a sale they just lost.

I try to be very conscientious with the score that I buy, esp if the composer or arranger is still living. And most of the most I play is by contemporary musicians, so there’s a real, living person at the other end of my purchase. But even if not, a good score was “typeset” (or whatever the musical notation equivalent is) by a person, and my ability to access good quality scores is as a result of the publisher etc. so I think it’s important to respect those copyright laws...

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