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Thoughts on a kawai rx-1

Posted By: firstpiano

Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/08/02 07:46 PM

Hello everyone. I'm still on my quest for my first piano!! Still contemplating the 1939 knabe but, also am considering the kawai rx-1! Larry Fine's book rates them well, but I would love to hear some other opinions on them. One of the colleges in our area are selling some of their pianos so are there any others that I should seriously consider in the 10,000 price range?
Again, thank you so much for all the input!! I'll keep you posted! :rolleyes:

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Posted By: freddie

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/08/02 08:08 PM


I think the RX-1 is a fine piano. I wish I had the space in my house for one. The next size up RX-2 is great also with slightly better bass than the RX-1. I thought the actions were very good (not softer like Yamaha) on each piano also.

I've found that for the most part, Kawai offers a very nice piano for an affordable price. Just my humble opinion here.

I played an Estonia too and that is a very nice piano, but out of my price range.

Posted By: Frank

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/08/02 08:28 PM

You mention a college is having a sale of pianos.The Kawai piano is decent enough if you like it, I just wanted to caution you if it is the same type of sale Kawai conducts here in Vancouver it is really just a promotion with the local dealer.DO NOT be pressured to buy at the college gym.
3 days only, the buy of a lifetime ect.
You will probably be able to get the same price and I have found even better after the sale at the dealers showroom.
Just a caution, not a judgement on the piano or the dealer.
Good Luck, take your time and have fun.
Posted By: Jolly

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/08/02 09:41 PM

A new RX-1 should go in the 13-14k range. While others are correct that "college sales" are generally a load of male bovine manure, Kawai does have a lot of these pianos in colleges across the country. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that there are more Kawai pianos in colleges than any other brand. Subsequently, if this doe not meet all the facets of a "college sale", (and I direct you to Larry's website - pianosinc.net - for a great primer on slimier sales tactics)a year or two old RX-1 is probably worth 10k.

The RX-2 is a little gutsier piano, with a scale that is said to have originated with K. Kawai in the 1930s. I would much rather have one than a C2 Yamaha.

If 10k is your budget, then you'll be limited to sub-6 foot Koreans or very small Japanese grands. Think K&C SKG600S or YC 5'7" or maybe the little 5' Kawai. If the RX is fairly new, not abused, and checks out well with YOUR piano tech, it may well be a legitemate choice.

Happy piano hunting! smile
Posted By: firstpiano

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/08/02 09:50 PM

Hi Frank. Thanks for the warning!! The store running the sale is Jordon Kitt's music which I am very leary of anyways! Fortunately I've been watching the prices on this website and others so I have a some idea on the pricing of the rx-1. Hoping to get one for approx. 10,000. Think I'm dreaming?!
Anyways, I'll keep my eye on them!! Thanks again for the warning!!
Posted By: fmelliott

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/08/02 10:27 PM

Try the Piano Store in Leesburg. They may surprise you. At any rate you will love playing their pianos. Gordon Keller, in Alexandria, was very nice to me as well.
I feel the same way about J.K. that you do. I spent a very uncomfortable afternoon being lectured and supervised there, not to mention e-mails.
Posted By: freddie

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/08/02 10:38 PM


I doubt you could get a new one for $10.000.00, maybe around 11,500.00 or a little more. Awhile back I was quoted $12,900.00 (Rx-1) in a shop, so figure after I bargained them down what I'd end up paying and "loosely" apply to your situation to give you idea of where you stand. It's said Kawai dealers are better to bargain with than most others. I agree with that opinion. If I could get an RX, I would.

For what it's worth I was offered the RX-2 for 14,500.00 (didn't bargian so it could go lower) and it's a better sounding piano for only $1,500.00 more. For financing you can go 8 years on a grand piano, so it evens itself out in the long run.

I'd love to have an RX-1 or RX-2 in my livingroom. Who needs to see the tv when you got that to play. wink

Good Luck,

Posted By: firstpiano

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/09/02 03:51 AM

Dear Freddie,
Yes, definately thinking of a used rx-1. I was quoted approx. 13-14,000 for a new one! Well, I go to my appointment on Friday so I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks so much for the input;-)
Posted By: firstpiano

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/09/02 04:02 AM

Originally posted by fmelliott:
[QB]Try the Piano Store in Leesburg. They may surprise you. At any rate you will love playing their pianos.

Hi fmelliott,
I totally agree about the Piano store, they were very nice to deal with and their pianos were fabulous, just couldn't bring myself to buy one of their bosendorfers!! ha ha. It was there that I saw the kawai's. If friday doesn't work out I'll try the other place that you mentioned. Thanks for the tip!
Posted By: fmelliott

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/09/02 02:17 PM

I wasn't thinking you were only interested in Kawai pianos when I suggested Gordon Keller. They are Baldwin and Petrof mostly. They are nice people and Mr. Keller is said to be a good voicer.
Posted By: Rich D.

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/09/02 03:38 PM

I have to agree with fmelliott about the Piano Company in Leesburg being a far better place than any college sale by J. Kitts. College piano sales are pretty much a gimick in my book. Gordon Kellor sold out to Jacobs Music so I'm not sure what pianos they now carry, though I think Pearl River is one. If I were you I would consider a road trip to Baltimore to visit Steve Cohn's Jason's Music or to Philly to vist Cunningham Piano.
Posted By: Scott A.

Re: Thoughts on a kawai rx-1 - 01/09/02 09:36 PM

5'2" Young Chang Pramberger Series. Most dealers can negotiate near the $10K mark you're requesting. Awesome resonance, 15 yr. warranty, Steinway-like designs in the construction. What more could a shopper want?
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