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Posted By: Ekoret Mysterious piano age - 10/20/19 03:36 PM
I found a perfect (I think) second hand piano - nice shape Yamaha U 3, price EUR2k.
But ... I am having lots of troubles verifying the piano age. The serial number is G1383432.yamaha website couldn’t help..The owner thought it will be ~20 years old.
Could anybody help please?
Also, what do you think of price? (Perhaps depends on the age)
Posted By: BDB Re: Mysterious piano age - 10/20/19 04:16 PM
1972 or so. Probably too much for its age. Check the spring loops to see whether they are breaking.
Posted By: terminaldegree Re: Mysterious piano age - 10/20/19 04:16 PM
It’s from 1972. 47 years old. It’s at an age where it could need repairs, so estimating value is difficult without a thorough, firsthand tech inspection.

We have an all-original one of these in an office in my department, and it’s pretty tired and needs the silk cords replaced in the action, at the very least. I’d estimate its value (coming from an institutional environment) at roughly $500 as a trade-in, or maybe $1,000 in the private market, max.
Posted By: Ekoret Re: Mysterious piano age - 10/20/19 07:54 PM
Thank you Both ..!
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