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Posted By: Xenolith Help Identify this piano - 10/16/19 12:26 AM
While traveling I came across a piano on a yard near the road. I was told I could keep it by the people living there, so I did. Could anybody here possibly help me identify this piano? Thank you.
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Posted By: Rich Galassini Re: Help Identify this piano - 10/16/19 12:53 AM
First it has been modified. Notice the Victorian legs and the trim on the bottom board, yet above the keyboard it is straight and plain, with an obvious circa. 1960 music rack?

This was an old upright that was "modernized" to look more like a newer, more modern upright piano, like the studio and consoles made after WWII. The mirror at the top of the piano disguised the original massive size. Cunningham Piano Company did a number of these "modernizations" back in the day. Because of the changes in the look, I can't tell with any accuracy who the maker is or when it was built.

If you unscrew the mirror you will likely see the maker and a serial number and that will help more than just about anything else.
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