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Posted By: lbuizza Microphone recommendations - 08/12/19 03:00 PM
Over the last year I have been recording myself play to aid with my practice, something that I find very useful especially when polishing a piece. I have been doing this on my phone, which has an alright microphone but nothing too great.

I would like a new microphone - I will not be recording a CD anytime soon so it does not have to be the world's greatest microphone, however something decent that I can play back and listen to myself with moreso than what I can do currently - probably looking to spend in the region of £50, but can be a bit more. At the moment I play an upright (although this may be about to change (!)).

Anyone have any recommendations on what kind of microphone and where to place it? Do microphones that attach themselves magnetically to the frame of the piano exist and are they any good?

Many thanks!
Posted By: almo82 Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/12/19 03:50 PM
Hi Ibuizza,

Lots of Mics out there - but you may need more than one, depending on your piano room.

What are you using as a recording device? An option that is just a tad over your budget are portable recorders - which come complete with Good quality mics.

Take a look at the Zoom H1n or the Tascam



Posted By: lbuizza Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/12/19 05:01 PM
Thanks for this - at the moment it’s just my iPhone’ mic recording directly to my phone. Will these be a much better improvement from that?

Is there anything that connects to a laptop/records to a memory card or similar?

Many thanks again!
Posted By: Learux Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/12/19 05:43 PM
Yes, these will be a great improvement over your phones microphone.

Any dedicated microphone will pretty much be an improvement.

A lot of microphones on Amazon are for recording speech.

It will take a bit of research to find one that fits you need

Posted By: Hakki Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/12/19 05:44 PM
Posted By: almo82 Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/12/19 09:17 PM
The Zoom devices i have seen record to a memory sevice: it would be in the specs of the devices
you choose.

I would recommend recording well away from the piano to avoid picking mechanical noise you will find : good Mike are very sensitive. Hoever if you careless (since you are primarily recording your practice) then keep it close for convenience.
Posted By: OE1FEU Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/12/19 10:21 PM
The Tascam DR-05 records to a Micro-SD card and can also transfer directly to a computer via USB.
Posted By: MarkL Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/13/19 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by lbuizza

Is there anything that connects to a laptop/records to a memory card or similar?

Yes, an easy and free way to start out is using Audacity on the laptop and whatever mic you decide to buy plugged into the laptop. Audacity is nice for doing basic editing, breaking up into files to save, compression, etc. It will run on both windows and mac, you didn't mention which camp you're in.

I'm not sure what you mean by "records to a memory card or similar", but you would be able to copy an audio file on your laptop to any external storage device you connect to the laptop's usb port.
Posted By: Pianolance Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/14/19 03:27 AM
I would recommend a Blue mic with an iphone interface. I'm not sure if they are making an iphone interface for the yeti but that would be the perfect mic for you because it's stereo and sounds great. Btw, check out this article. https://www.micreviews.com/guides/top-10-best-ios-microphones
Posted By: Compañero Re: Microphone recommendations - 08/14/19 11:26 PM
I bought a Blue Yeti recently and it is adequate for critiquing your playing... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002VA464S/ref=twister_B07RG5PQPH?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

and a lot cheaper than some of the other options... and less complicated... Good luck.
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