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Greeting from a newbie.

Now consider buying this particular model (Kawai K-30E ME, SN: 2.4M) from one private seller around 2200$ (excl. delivery), but found something strange and unsure of, in particular the Action Set and the Keys.
- Action Set seems too old to be its original Millennium Action
- The #88th Key labelled as KU-20

Please see photos here.

So, wonder if someone or original owner of this model can shed some light on regarding its authenticity. Any comment or suggestion would also be appreciated.
The piano was made in the early 2000s (I could tell you more if you supplied the complete number), and if it has lived in a humid climate the condition is not surprising.

The Millennium-III action was not introduced in Kawai upright pianos until 2005. This piano was made before that time.

The marking on the keys is normal - Kawai often has multiple piano models which share the same action parts.
Thank you, Don, for quick response.

Had a chance to play it, and found the mid range section sounding like a Chinese tradtional instrument played by flexible sticks. Not sure if this can be regulated and newly voiced. Overall, it was not well tuned.

Got the feeling from your reply that this model has major weak ponits under humid climate (understood that all pianos prefer controlled humidity level).
Can you tell more about these? What're customers' feedback and experience in general?

Last, what exactly the suffix E and ME stands for?
Any Enhancement from regular K-30?

Again, thank you so much.
What country are you in - your profile is blank.

Do you have any idea of the history of the piano - have they owned it since new, has it been serviced regularly? I think that's the model which (along with YAMAHA U1s) we bought for schools - I'm sure I had one in one school about that age where I was Business Manager. It seemed to be a very robust piano.

Have you looked at other pianos?
Live in Bangkok Suburb.

Learn a few from here and there about Used Kawai before millennium that US series and K predecessors to current K- hundreds series are among highly recommended in general. Like old Kawai's feel and touch, but found its series coding somehow a bit confusing. Thanks to this community and orther online resources making it more transparent for all players in the field.

In the process, found this site very resourceful for all Kawai&Yamaha, both Grand&Uprights before 2000.


Leave that K-30E for now. Look for new one coming.
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