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1950s Fischer Upright Piano

Posted By: Sandy W

1950s Fischer Upright Piano - 05/25/19 05:56 PM

I have a 1950s Fischer upright piano in good condition and would like to know what a fair selling price would be. It has not been used or tuned in several years and there is some damage to the keys. Any input would be very helpful. Thanks!

P.S. I would post a picture but I can’t figure out how to do that.
Posted By: BruceD

Re: 1950s Fischer Upright Piano - 05/25/19 06:10 PM

I would make two suggestions:

1) You can't reasonably hope to sell a piano if it is not in tune. How would a potential buyer know what the piano sounds like until it is tuned? First, get the piano tuned.

2) When you get it tuned, have the tuner/technician evaluate the piano's condition. You write that it is "in good condition" but what does that mean? Some damage to the keys, doesn't necessarily indicate "good condition." How has it been maintained, what use has it had over the years you have owned it? The technician might also give you some indication of the local market for a 70-year old piano. That would give you a better idea of what it might be worth, locally. Value depends largely on what someone might be willing to pay for it, and that is partly determined by the local market.

Others might be willing to venture a price guess, but I think it would be a wild guess without knowing your market area and the real condition of the piano.

Posted By: BDB

Re: 1950s Fischer Upright Piano - 05/25/19 06:11 PM

A Fischer of that period would be an Aeolian product and have very little value.
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