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Posted By: Equit817 Buying /price advice - 05/17/19 04:04 PM
Hi All!

I’m considering a private purchase of a rebuilt 1914 Baldwin L . Seller is asking $10K. Rebuilt 2004- new strings, tuning Pins , custom new pin block and I believe a new sound board. The action has new hammers, shanks and flanges. Original ivory keys. mahogany case refinished. Any advice appreciated!
Posted By: BDB Re: Buying /price advice - 05/17/19 04:23 PM
Get it checked by a knowledgeable tech. This presupposes that you have tried other pianos, including new ones, and have developed enough of a sense to have developed a taste in pianos.

The fact that it was made by Baldwin matters very little 105 years later.
Posted By: Equit817 Re: Buying /price advice - 05/17/19 05:03 PM
Thanks! Already been checked over by my tech who rated it excellent. Trying to come up with a fair offer price - any suggestions? It does not come with a bench.
Posted By: Ed McMorrow, RPT Re: Buying /price advice - 05/18/19 02:48 AM
If the work was well done so the piano plays and sounds wonderful. And the piano has been well housed since the rebuild, $10K is a very fair price. I have sold rebuilt Baldwin L's that fit my description for over twice that amount, and that was a few years ago
Posted By: j&j Re: Buying /price advice - 05/18/19 12:52 PM
The standard piano bench with some padding on the top is fairly inexpensive. Since you might get a great deal on the Baldwin piano, you could check out some of the more expensive adjustable artists benches. They are so comfortable! They make just sitting at the piano an enjoyable experience. There’s at least one or two sites selling benches here on PianoWorld. Best of Luck!
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