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Posted By: Card Finally, a piano! - 03/07/06 06:30 AM
It is kind of like dating. Just when you least expect it you find that special someone smile

After all my posts, all over the place, and with questions on many manufacturers, thanks to you all and of course "The Piano Book", I passed on an entry level Yamaha (even though I'm sure it would have been fine, just not really, really excited), ran from a "Classic Baldwin" and just bought a 2000 Boston GP-163 with a QRS system. I am so darn excited!

I'd love to be able to say that I'm done with posting so I wouldn't have to bother anyone anymore but I can't. I have just one more question smile Have any of you upgraded a QRS 2000CD+ to a Petine? Thanks all, so very much. Guess I can add a signature now, since I own a piano. Wahoo!
Posted By: PoStTeNeBrAsLuX Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/07/06 09:30 AM
Congratulations on your new baby! smile .

- Michael B.
Posted By: jollyroger Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/07/06 11:25 AM
Congratulations Card. I'm sure you'll love the wonderful music that your new piano will provide. Don't forget to post some pics!
Posted By: Rich Galassini Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/07/06 11:55 AM
Get the petine. Its a cheap upgrade. You'll enjoy it.

Enjoy your piano.
Posted By: Monica K. Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/07/06 07:57 PM
Congratulations, card! I hope you will post pictures after the piano is delivered, AND I hope you will continue to keep visiting the forum.
Posted By: CTPianotech Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/07/06 11:53 PM
Card I've been watching your postings for a while and can just say congratulations. I have extensive experience with the QRS systems and can say that the new Petine units are absolutely incredible. You're going to have a lot of fun. A couple CD recomendations if I may Classical- My personal favorite is the Rachmaninoff plays Rachmaninoff (made from originall Duo-Art rolls) Jazz- Just about anything with Joe Augistine. Don't forget there's also a ton of MIDI stuff of the web for free or next to it. (though sometimes a little searching can be required to find really good ones) Also, prior to delivery, ask to have the pianos regulation checked, and have the system calibrated by someone experienced with QRS. This will add immensly to your enjoyment of the piano.

Once again congrats!
Posted By: Card Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/08/06 04:13 AM
Thanks Monica, Rich, Roger, Michael and CTPianotech! It's so nice to share with someone who gets excited about pianos and music!

You guys and gals have been so accommodating to respond with such detail and incredible knowledge. I'd contribute to the forum if I could but I don't know squat laugh Get back with me in a few years though.

Rich, I definitely will upgrade to a Petine. Just waiting for the PNO optical record system to come out and prove itself, so I can install both at the same time.

CT, Should I get the regulation checked before moving and calibrated after or can I do both after? Don't know what I'm doing on that one smile

Thanks for congrats!
Posted By: Card Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/08/06 04:15 AM
CT, I will definitely check out those CDs. The seller is giving me their collection so maybe if I'm lucky one of them will be in it.
Posted By: Grandpianoman Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/08/06 04:33 AM
Congrats Card....this website will save a lot of looking on the net for MIDI files:


Scroll down to Music and enjoy your piano!

Posted By: John Citron Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/08/06 04:22 PM
Congratulations Donna. laugh

I agree the piano hunting process just like dating. wink

Now that you have your piano, you start hanging out in the pianist and the Adult Beginner's forums.

Posted By: Card Re: Finally, a piano! - 03/08/06 04:48 PM
Good idea John. I wouldn't quite say I'm a pianist but definitely an Adult Beginner. Thanks so much!
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