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Has anyone read this article?
Yes. It has circulated quite a bit.
Two recent threads:


I've had stories that appear to be from 2 different law firms popping up in my Facebook feed about this. Has anyone else seen this? I guess it's b/c I like so many piano related pages.
What kind of stories? Can you snap a screenshot and share?

The only thing I can imagine law firms advertising for would be to solicit clients for a class action law suit (of course, ianal). Wouldn't that be ironic if everyone who was told that their "investment" would appreciate in value sued? That's partly why the SEC regulates financial advising. Piano stores shouldn't be giving investment advice (imo).

Anyway, I have not seen anything related to pianos and law firms on FB, although I have noticed an odd uptick in piano adverts on FB.
Steinway was a great investment for me. When they got bought out my stock doubled in price.
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