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Posted By: Skjalg 213 unread emails this morning - 04/30/18 05:24 PM
213 unread emails this morning - and all I could think of was which instruments I had recently played that were 213 in length cool. A Schimmel C 213 came to mind first, since I play one weekly. Not as nice as the Konzert series, but the bass is meaty.

On Saturaday I went to try a Yamaha CF6. I played it back in January, so I thought it was time to update my memory, but it was gone. Next day I went to a café for a jazz concert. They have an old C Bechstein, or wait - they had bought a new instrument, a Yamaha, a CF6. The very one (I checked the serial number after the concert). What are the chances?

Those were my piano-experinces this week...
Posted By: John Citron Re: 213 unread emails this morning - 05/01/18 04:33 PM
Very cool. smile

I have their Vogel 177T which also has a very meaty bass and a twinkly upper end like other Schimmels, except in a smaller piano.

I know this doesn't count because I never have 177 emails in my inbox. laugh
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