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Posted By: Norbert "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/25/15 08:42 PM
To each and everyone!!

Wishes for the NEW YEAR:

- continuous health and sanity of mind
- mindfulness of what really counts in life
- growing friends out side the Facebook saga
- laughing should things ever be funny again..
- eating and drinking instead of starvation
- helping others to be able doing same
- stop dancing around golden calves which aren't
- enjoy yourself for whoever you are
- play some music regardless of names on fallboards
- shake hands with someone regardless of race, creed or color.
- become a better human being

Will try to do same.

cheers all,

Norbert smile
Posted By: guyl Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/25/15 08:46 PM
I second the motion smile
Posted By: Rickster Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/25/15 10:08 PM
Great comments, Norbert, and the same to you.

In regards to Facebook, I'm not a member of Facebook or twitter... can you believe that? smile

I guess I'm behind the times...

Posted By: Robert 45 Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/25/15 11:06 PM
Excellent! Common sense, timely advice.

Posted By: Retsacnal Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/25/15 11:23 PM
Wise sentiments indeed! Merry Christmas, Norbert.

And Merry Christmas to everyone else too. grin
We now can peer into reality and see it nears infinity
hopefully cognitive of all the pulses everyone feels
subsumed in sonorities that simplify infinity
Music soaring through our souls

What has hate done for anyone lately?
or earlier? and how about tomorrow?

Posted By: KurtZ Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/25/15 11:45 PM
Latkes and champurrado* (I snuck some bourbon in mine) for christmas eve. Today we're going to see Starwars in 3D on the new laser driven projector in the Cinerama Dome. My daughter's future MIL made her cry by leaving her out of the "family" photos at their christmas even though she and the boyfriend have been a couple for 5 years and then yelled at them for ONLY spending 7 hours at her house before needing to leave to meet us for the movie. Yep, it's a traditional christmas at the Z household.

Be well all,


*Champurrado is a mexican hot chocolate thickened with corn flour. Thanks to Markarian for the inspiration.
Posted By: Rickster Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/26/15 02:03 AM
We've had a lot of rain here in west central Ga. The ground is saturated and there have been some tornadoes in some parts of the country. So, lots of folks experiencing hard times and difficulty on this usually festive evening.

Me, the day is almost done, I got to visit with my two sons and my two grandchildren and call other close relatives. So, it's been a good day.

I just spent about an hour in my piano shop playing the heck out of my Howard/Kawai 550. I still can't get over how good that piano sounds, in spite of needing a set of new bass strings; of course, what's there ain't bad.

I played my usually repertoire, except for "I'll be home for Christmas". Then, it was "Georgia on my mind"; "I can't stop lovin you"; "Hey good lookin"; "Tuti-Fruti"; "Old time rock-n-roll"; "Blue Berry Hill";"That's alright mama"; some fast boogie-woogie and an assortment of my original tunes. All the sugar I've consumed over the Holidays has put my playing in high gear, on top of being hyper anyway.

A nice way to end a Christmas day evening, after consuming a few thousand more calories than I usually do. smile

So, yes, it's been merry, and happy so far... I hope it has for everyone else, and my heart goes out to those who have suffered loss, injury and death in the recent storms.

Posted By: Norbert Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/27/15 07:07 AM
Thanks for the good sentiments everyone!

Last night when driving a friend home I witnessed a terrible accident on the Highway.
Will never forget the screaming coming from two overturned cars in the dark of the night.

Luckily ambulances arrived quickly while I and group of several others tried to encourage and tried to help those trapped in the cars, one never knows exactly what to do in such situation. My daughter being a paramedic often told me it's easy to do the wrong thing.
My prayers are that nobody died but not sure about this.

Among those trying to help there were people of different ethnic backgrounds but none of this mattered. We all connected simply being human and trying to help someone in need.

This is not about heroism but simply doing what's right. It's something you and me would do in exact same situation. The way it should be for everyone every single day of the year.

A very special Christmas memory.
Hoping yours was good.......

Best wishes to everyone for the New Year!

Posted By: Plowboy Re: "MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS" - 12/28/15 04:55 PM
Best of holidays to you, Norbert, and the rest of this gang.
Happy New Year from Lang Lang!

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