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Posted By: Piano Again I made a stupid mistake (cross-posting) - 05/01/15 12:28 AM
I posted this over on the Piano Technicians forum but thought maybe more people would see it over here.

I have a Baldwin upright that I am selling, and I opened the top to check the serial number. This top is one of those that is one piece with the front (the music rack). The stupid thing is that I did this with the fallboard closed, and now I can't close the lid completely OR open the fallboard correctly. The buyer is coming to get the piano tomorrow, and I need to fix this. How do I do it? Can I take the fallboard off without damaging anything?

Help! I did something stupid
Posted By: Rickster Re: I made a stupid mistake (cross-posting) - 05/01/15 01:23 AM
Most of the members on the piano technician's forum usually want piano technicians only to participate there... they will answer a non-piano tech question from time to time, if you ask them nicely. BDB is an excellent tech and I see he was trying to help you.

It sounds like you are talking about a Baldwin 243 studio upright with the slide-style fall board. It seems to me that things are not lining up just right when you close the front panel. Try this.... Lift the front panel back up and position the sliding fall board half-way closed/open and then lower the front panel. I think you have the fall-board slid out too far to the front when you close the top lid.

Hope this helps...

Thank you, Rick. We did try that but the lid would not click into place and the fall board would not open. Even if I remove the fall board, I can't see how to get things back together.

I've sent messages to some local piano techs but it's night time here so won't be able to talk to anyone until tomorrow.
Posted By: Catlady Re: I made a stupid mistake (cross-posting) - 05/01/15 02:30 AM
....... just call the tech who normally tunes your piano! If you don't have one, then shame on you.
That's a little rude, but whatever. The tech who usually tunes my pianos lives quite far away and I doubt she could come on such short notice.

I was just trying to find out if it's something simple that I could fix myself in the meantime.
Posted By: Catlady Re: I made a stupid mistake (cross-posting) - 05/01/15 02:58 AM
She would know your particular piano and would be able to help.
Anyway, look on your last tuning receipt and I'll bet she wrote down the serial number. I've never met a tech who didn't do that.
I'm sure this is something you could do yourself with a little "over-the-phone" help.
Sorry I have arrived late this party. The fallboard on Hamiltons have a "catch" so simply our the lid back up, support it on the large prop. Provided, make sure those clips have not been bent from trying to force the lid down on them.

Then make sure the fallboard is totally open. Then the piano ought to close just fine.

I hope that helps.

If there is an additional problem a tech. May be needed.
Rich, I did end up fixing it by kind of jiggling it around and it slid back into place.

Catlady, I am dumbfounded. I have no idea what you're talking about. But sorry if I did something that offended you so many years ago. I posted here, as I said, because it was after business hours and there was no way to get in touch with anyone and I was wondering if someone had experience with this particular problem.
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