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We've had this Tom Thumb console piano for about 20 years. The only manufacturing data are this label (Chinese? Korean?) that was at one time hanging on a string inside the the lid, but has been laying in the bottom behind the kick panel as long as we've had the piano:
[Linked Image]
and this serial number:
[Linked Image]
Here are a couple pictures of the whole instrument:
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

If anybody can shed some light on any of this, I would take it kindly.
The only thing I know is that the label is in Japanese characters.
The title of the card ("「ダイアナ」 に就いて" on the right hand side of the label) translates to "About 'Diana'" ("Diana" is the model name of the piano.) The "株式会社 河合楽器製作所" on the left hand side of the label is the name of the manufacturer (Kawai).

My Japanese is limited so I don't have a full translation of the rest of the card, but a portion of it talks about the piano wires.

According to the Kawai web site, the serial number 22550 was manufactured in Japan in 1957.
Note: You will need to select the "Unicode" character set in your browser to display the above Japanese characters properly.
Thanks for the quick response, Voltara!
Good work Voltara!

I have seen several of the short keyboard Kawai consoles over the years. They were nicely built little pianos. In fact, a local school had about 6 in little practice rooms that were used by all of the music students. (This goes back to the 1980's. The school has since closed)

I have never seen one with the curved leg though.
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