"Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft"

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"Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft" - 03/23/14 10:17 PM

If you search Google news for "Beach Piano" you will find a story about Piano Technician; Ben Treuhaft.

Among other things Ben led the "Pianna to Havanna" missions. He also was the technical consultant to the book "The Piano Tuner" by Daniel Mason.
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Re: "Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft" - 03/23/14 11:24 PM

I'll have to read that. Ben tuned my old upright in San Francisco when I lived there in the early 1970s. Then the "Send a Pianna to Havana" emdeavor (I've got the T-Shirt) only added to the intrigue. Not only did he send pianos to Cuba, he enlisted a "Tuners' Brigade" from the States to maintain them.

After he moved to New York City, he established a storefront called "Underwater Piano Tuning and Massage Parlor." He placed nice pianos in homes for the cost of moving, if residents promised to let prospective buyers in to look at them. He'd travel to his clients on a utility tricycle. Even came out to tune my piano on Staten Island a few times.

I think he's now in Edinburgh, Scotland. More power to him, and best of luck. A good guy, fine tuner-technician who follows his own path. I miss him already.
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Re: "Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft" - 03/24/14 06:20 AM

I want to read that book!
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Re: "Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft" - 03/24/14 08:58 AM

Yes, he's living in Edinburgh now. Apparently he's living in a tent, on a beach, and he has a piano in his tent. We're used to eccentrics in Scotland, it's OK. Especially in Edinburgh. I don't know if he'll get a vote in the referendum though, having no fixed abode....
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Re: "Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft" - 03/24/14 09:36 AM

Ben is a regular contributor to the Piano Tuners and Technicians forum on the LinkedIn network.
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Re: "Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft" - 03/24/14 11:04 AM

Ben's mother was Jessica Mitford, so he is descended from eccentric British nobility.
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Re: "Beach Piano, Ben Treuhaft" - 03/26/14 03:41 PM

Found it. This is Benís web page.


Here is a clip in Washington Park Ö.