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Hailun HU-5 (H5?) vs. HU-5p

Posted By: Jazzbite

Hailun HU-5 (H5?) vs. HU-5p - 11/27/13 08:16 PM

Hello all. The search continues for my vertical piano. I was thinking about splurging for a new HU-5p, but can get an older 2010 HU-5 (or H5?) for less than half the price. And as I understand it the warranty is transferable for this piano.

I had read some old posts that said that the HU-5p had upgraded components but mainly the hammers (being cold pressed on the 5P) were the difference. I was wondering if anyone had knowledge comparing these 2 pianos, and whether the upgrades on the 5p are significant or not.

I was told by a Kawai dealer that every year they come out with new stuff which is basically the same, but they have to change something to entice people into buying the new stuff. He said the new changes are not always a good thing or may make no difference at all. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge they could share???

Thanks all!!!
Posted By: PianoWorksATL

Re: Hailun HU-5 (H5?) vs. HU-5p - 11/27/13 11:25 PM

Hello Jazzbite,

From the H-5 to the H-5P, there were several innovations as well as upgrades. One primary difference is the change to the keybed. The "P" model has a cast aluminum keybed that is more stable and should have added longevity. It's not uncommon for keybeds in good pianos to droop after years of use, and certainly the aluminum will not be in danger of warping. Another innovation is the string termination points in the top two treble sections. In the "P" models, instead of a typical termination in the cast iron, they add larger guage wire for the termination, hardened steel for the upper treble and brass & steel for the lower treble. The idea is to give a more precise string termination for better tone. The cold pressed hammers are another change that tends to be a more stable hammer, meaning less maintenance for voicing. That's not everything, but they are the first items that come to mind.

On the more general note, the production and attention to details in constantly improving. The newer model is more refined in fit and finish than the earlier production.

A used H-5 is probably a very nice piano and it could be a deal. Make sure that the warranty is transferable. It's easy to check with Hailun USA. If the piano was not originally sold by an authorized Hailun dealer, then it would not have warranty. I hope this is not the case, but more than once, we have seen instruments that ... escaped ... from the previous US distributor and were not sold by authorized dealers. The number of instruments is small, but the sellers of these are often very conspicuous online.

I think the Kawai dealer was correct in that Kawai's marketing department never gets any time off. wink I tease because they have used so many model names for uprights over the years that they are actually starting to repeat old model names on new, different models.
Posted By: PianoWorksATL

Re: Hailun HU-5 (H5?) vs. HU-5p - 11/27/13 11:27 PM

Oh, and the name change from H-5P to HU-5P is not a model change, but more work from Hailun's marketing dept. wink They are the same design, though specs do evolve slightly as time goes by.
Posted By: Jazzbite

Re: Hailun HU-5 (H5?) vs. HU-5p - 12/06/13 12:27 AM

Hey thanks for the info Sam!!

I actually went to test the piano out thinking that even though the HU-5p had all these upgrades, that the H5 would sound the same. I was wrong.

I had tested the HU-5p at a dealer close to me and was impressed with the sound, the keys, and the substantial action. That is why I got all excited when I found the used H5 which I thought would be the same.

When I tested the H5, I felt none of those things that impressed me with the HU-5p. I guess all those upgrades really made a differnce in this case. Oh well.... the search continues.....

thanks again Sam for the quick response.
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