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Its been a few months at least since our family trip to Austria in May and I have been so busy I haven't had time to post anything yet. So this is my first attempt to post a few selections from the city of music, Vienna.

This set is from inside the Hofburg Palace in Vienna at the Museum of Music. Unfortunately some of the pics didn't come out so good because flashes were prohibited and no tripods allowed. Anyone who know about photography knows if you have low light you have to have a rock steady camera otherwise you'll get blur... and that's what happened with some but not all. The following are the ones that came out good. I'll try and salvage the others when I have chance through editing.

So here is the Hofburg Music Museum for a crowd of people I thought would enjoy it more than just about anyone... Pianoworld.

gorgeous! I've always been bemused by this kind of historical design though



Those are wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!

Wow! I have to go there!

Thanks a lot!
I should have labeled some of those pics, but all in all we took over 6000 photos in 2 weeks while we were there so attaching a description to even a small amount is a huge undertaking.

That being said i wanted to point a few things:

The cast iron harp sitting outside the entrance is of course, because of being in Vienna, a Bosendorfer.

The first Piano with Beethoven's portrait above it is actually one of his pianos.

The piano with Napoleon's portrait above was his actual piano.

The second and third pianos were creations of the famous John Baptiste Streicher who made instruments for Beethoven as well as a long list of European musicians and royalty.

Black Bosendorfer toward the end with the double eagle music desk was Richard Wagner's while he served as President of the Opera house in Vienna.

Like I said there are many more photos like the Steinway shop I stepped into, Mozarthauses (3 in all between Vienna and Salzburg) all the organs I photographed in all the Churches and Cathedrals and many more.
Beautiful pictures!

I've hardly been out of the state of Georgia, (other than a few bordering states) and not very well traveled... it is nice to see the photos and imagine myself being there in person! smile

Thanks for posting!


Vienna is an amazing city! You also took some amazing pictures.

I spent the better part of a day and a half in that same museum. One of my favorite instruments there at the time was this small organ that could be played by one person as another moved the bellows on the top of the instrument. It folded up, including the legs, and could be carried about (or so it appeared) not unlike a briefcase:

[Linked Image]

Thank you again for the pictures, T. I don't think anyone would complain if you posted a few more.
Awesome pictures! I remember visiting Vienna when I was a kid, but I only really remember the Lipizzaner Stallions and that the hotel we stayed in was a renovated castle. My fonder Austrian memories are of Salzburg and skiing many times in Tyrol. We lived in Germany until I was a teenager, and it seemed like my folks took us to every castle, palace and museum on the continent--tedium usually set in quickly, looking at idealized portraits of "royalty," or one palace that was a copy of another... But I don't remember seeing pianos, especially not the high number of them you've taken pictures of! Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for sharing those great photos.

Memories of the trip to Vienna with the PW group!
Hello all! Posted a few more pics from Hofburg Music Museum as requested. Just follow the original link I posted before.

One of the pics is of Joseph Hoffman's Bosendorfer.

Also the last image is of a cast iron frame from a Grotrian right at the exit.

I'll post pics from other museums and sights in different threads as I get around to editing them.
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