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Hi, I've been reading these forums for weeks and you all were very helpful in my search for a piano. If everything goes smoothly, my Baldwin Model M grand is being delivered tomorrow afternoon. Eeeee!

My question is about placement. We have a long rectangular living room with a fireplace in the center. I will try and upload a photo.

[Linked Image]

After moving the couch and toys, I was going to have the piano set up in the front corner diagonally and was hoping to have the bench in the corner so I could see my family/kids/friends while playing. I'm not sure it will work because of the wood-burning fireplace and it's proximity to the instrument. We use the fireplace maybe once a week in the winter. Should I turn the piano around so that the bench is closer to the fireplace? Or should I ditch the diagonal idea completely and have the piano parallel to the front windows? tia
Congratulations! Our Baldwin M was delivered last week. Had cleared a corner too, but it turned out to be bigger than we mentally pictured, in terms of floor space. We faced the bench outward from its diagonal spot in the corner. Click on "Baldwin M" in my signature below and you should be able to see a picture.

The corner you show looks big enough. Probably more important than the facing direction (whatever you like), is the question of whether or not the fireplace heat and/or dryness may impact the piano detrimentally.
Retsacnal, reading about your journey was particularly helpful for me in choosing this piano, so thank you! I also didn't have Baldwin on my radar but was happily surprised when I started trying some out. I think they really have the balance I was looking for that other brands missed: not too bright, not mushy, great bass. I am really excited to start playing and start my daughters in lessons.
Wow, what a coincidence! Glad I could help.

One of the things that intrigued me was the M's reputation for relatively strong bass for a shorter piano, and it's true.
Hi Lolablitz - Welcome to Piano World!

Congratulations on your M. They are quite delightful for their size.

Windows and Fireplaces are always problematic.

Without a full floor plan, I'll through out an idea which is pure conjecture. What is across the room from the fireplace? Is there the possibility to place the piano at the other end of the room, so it opens toward the fireplace? In otherwords, if you were sitting on the sofa, the fireplace would be on your left and the piano on your right?

I like a corner placement for a grand, but the working fireplace and two windows are a problem.

Enjoy your new baby!
Wherever the piano ends up, you must leave enough space for a technician to pull the keyboard out.

That is very good advice and often a neglected consideration for the owner of a grand.
Thanks for the replies all! Here is how we placed it. It was wider than we anticipated so it's in the corner facing the two windows. Unfortunately I can't avoid the fireplace because the two entrances to the room are on the opposite side if that makes sense.
[Linked Image]

I would try to keep that curtain closed enough at all times to keep sunlight off the piano.

It looks beautiful!

Enjoy - Enjoy - Enjoy
Looks great! I may need to upgrade to a padded bench too... ;-)

It looks beautiful! Congratulations!

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