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Kawai K2 Price?

Posted By: jazzzbug

Kawai K2 Price? - 01/25/08 04:52 AM

Hi I have seen some of the prices of Kawai K2 (upright) quoted by forum users here (local dealer price) to be around $3500, which prompted me to be interested in this model instead of a "grey" market Kawai.

However when I checked with my local Kawai dealer, the price quoted for a K2 was a whooping $5600!! May be this was the "list price"...but I would like to seek your advice about what is a reasonable price to pay for a K2? Is it possible to negotiate down from the list price to about $3500?

Unfortunately we only have one Kawai dealer in this big city, so I do not have much choice...may be that is the reason they are having the "monopoly price"...

Posted By: Poisy

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 01/25/08 11:44 PM

I got an offer on a Kawai K2 for $3670 + tax (including delivery, 1 tuning) in Midwest. This is a polished ebony. For the fancier red woods, it is $500 extra. Funny you mentioned about monopoly... I can't say I know another place in my area carrying Kawai. So far people on this forum said this is a decent price. I hope you get the K2 for $3500 and that would be great. smile Good luck!
Posted By: jazzzbug

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 01/28/08 06:19 PM

Thanks for the info. So I went back to the one and only Kawai dealer in town, found out that they were having a "out of business sale". Happy me. So I went ahead to the Kawai K2 I have been eyeing for a while to check out the "low low price". To my dismay it was listed as $3992+tax, which was almost $300 more than your price. And it was supposed to be a out of business sale price!
Anyway, I managed to negotiate for free delivery, and since I can't find any other Kawai K2 in town, I have to settle for this price...
Posted By: Poisy

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/01/08 12:44 AM

Very interesting... with that price they should include delivery + tuning. at least. Nevertheless, I'm happy for you that you are now the proud owner of a K2.

I'm shocked that prices everywhere around the country are different... even in the big city like Houston.
Posted By: newbieBayArea

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/21/10 09:12 PM

Thanks to Piano forum and valuable comments from its members, I felt confident walking into Piano shops with some understanding of prices.

We got a quote for Kawai K2 (Ebony Satin) for $4000 (including delivery, tax, adjustable bench and first tuning) from DC Piano in Berkeley, CA. Erik and Matteo were very helpful and laid back.

There are 3 Kawai dealerships in Bay Area and their prices are not even in the same ballpark. They won't quote prices on the phone, so had to visit them to get prices.

PS. We also looked at K15 and found the following link helpful - http://www.onefamilysblog.com/2008/05/shopping-for-acoustic-piano-in-bay-area.html
Posted By: M.O.P.

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/23/10 01:00 AM

Hi Newbie,

There's a reason the 3 Bay Area Kawai dealers wouldn't quote prices on the phone (other than Kawai's MSRP). They were abiding by the dealer agreement they have signed with Kawai to represent their acoustic pianos. Dealers sign an agreement with Kawai that they will not quote any sale or discount prices by phone. When a customer comes into the store, then they are free to negotiate prices. This isn't to make it difficult on shoppers, its to keep the playing field even for dealers and to try and keep the free for all of piano pricing within reason. Any authorized Kawai dealer who does quote anything other than the MSRP (and, Kawai does have a printed MSRP brochure that is available for use by Dealers when working with shoppers) to someone who has not come into the store is violating their dealer agreement. Kawai is very strict in the enforcement of the policy, and they are not the only piano manufacturer to have this type of policy.

This has been discussed many, many times, and you can search several threads on the forum regarding this. Some members understand the reasons for it, some don't. There will never be 100% agreement either way.

You can also search threads here for comments on pricing. As has been said many, many times, when members list specific prices, there are many reasons why a piano may be priced as it is, and it can be very misleading to someone who is just starting their shopping, etc.

Not trying to stir up a bunch of controversey, just letting a new forum member know of the search option, and that many times, there's a "little more to the story."

Posted By: M.O.P.

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/23/10 01:01 AM

...and I just realized the original post of this thread was from 2 years ago...

ah, a long day... smile
Posted By: Cwhaticando

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/23/10 01:23 AM

I got my satin ebony K-2 for $3000 including everything so far as I remember. Everything meaning bench, delivery and tuning. It may have a bit more if tax wasn't included in the $3000. I would think $3500 is a very resonable price.
Posted By: KathyH

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 12/21/10 07:05 PM

Old thread, but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents: Last month (Nov. '10) I bought a new K-2, mahogany, for $4400, including tax, delivery and first tuning, in Southern California (Ahn's Piano, Torrance, about 30 miles south of L.A.). I was told the list price was, I think, about $6600.

If the premium on mahogany is $500, then the price I got was a trifle better than the $3992 price mentioned above about 10 months ago, not as jazzy as the $3700-something offer someone got a couple of years ago.

Posted By: gnuboi

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 12/22/10 12:25 AM

I suspected it was around $4k these days. Thanks. That would make the K-3 at around $5k, possibly more.
Posted By: turandot

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 12/22/10 06:21 AM

Originally Posted by KathyH
Last month (Nov. '10) I bought a new K-2, mahogany, for $4400, including tax, delivery and first tuning, in Southern California (Ahn's Piano, Torrance, about 30 miles south of L.A.).

Hi KathyH,

When you consider that our sales tax is almost 10%, I'd say you did well. Did Ahn's take good care of you?
Posted By: KathyH

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/14/11 11:59 PM

Sorry, haven't checked back here in awhile. Not sure what I should have expected from Ahn's beyond the obvious. (This was my first piano purchase!) Piano arrived promptly and safely as scheduled, and they sent the tuner about a month later, when I requested it.

I am hearing strange noises come and go, and one that isn't going. Sounds like crumbs are stuck in one key, which can't literally be true: brand new, and I certainly haven't eaten while sitting at it! Next time a tuner comes I'll have that checked. Another that appeared a few days after the tuner left in December is a screwy, "twangy" sound in several adjacent keys, that suddenly seems to be gone. Ditto severe clacking in the upper keys, also mysteriously self-improved (somewhat).

I guess I'm going to be learning a lot about pianos!

Posted By: liszt85

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/15/11 01:39 AM

I was about to say, "Is your winter heat high? If so, consider installing a humidifier" and I noticed that you live in LA! Lucky you.
Posted By: Kurtmen

Re: Kawai K2 Price? - 02/15/11 02:02 AM

I just posted this note to make readers aware that this post was pulled out from the 2008 archives. It is three years old.
The prices given by the posters were not accurate.
Beware of competitors intentionally pretending to be people from the general public asking questions; with the solely intention of upsetting the market.
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