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Posted By: Alex Hernandez The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 03:29 AM
I voiced this Model 2 in Northern California before it was moved to Lansing for a recording. James Reeder arranged the tuning for this session.

It possesses the tonal qualities that I strive for in a voicing. Please offer your opinions on what I feel is the classic golden tone of Blüthner.

Posted By: Frankni Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 01:09 PM
It sounds very good for Bach -- not too woolly or mellow with indeed some crystal in the treble.
Posted By: Joseph Fleetwood Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 02:13 PM
It's wonderful that people are using Bluthner more often. Usually we hear clapped out ones on youtube, and very few new/rebuilt ones.

I think you've captured the Bluthner tone very well in the voicing. There is great clarity in this piano, and, as is characteristic of Bluthner, the ability to switch dynamics in an instant. The piano can play a whispering pianissimo with absolute precision, and you can tell that there is a lot more sound inside this piano should the player want it. I actually find Bluthner to be one of the most powerful pianos - yes, they are mellower, but there is a lot of weight in there should it be required.

To me, Bluthner stands alongside Fazioli as the finest of the pianos. These are my two favourite makes, obviously for different reasons because they have a different voice. I'm listening with headphones on and I just want to hear more and more of this piano. I know the Bluthner piano very well, and the pianos just keep getting better. With every year that passes, Bluthner are managing to surpass themselves, and this piano is a perfect example of that sound that they are striving for.

Well done on your preparation of this piano. I would love to own a Model 2 myself, it's my favourite of the new Bluthners next to the model 1 (but the model 1 produces just too much sound for any domestic situation), and I own a 1912 Style 8, and will be taking delivery of an 1894 Style 8 when it's finished. There are technical things have changed in the scale design since those pianos were made, but the ethos is still there and if I had the money, I would buy a model 1 or 2 to do all my concerts and recordings on. Alas, I'm not in that wage bracket!

Also, I think she is playing with such beauty of sound, great fluidity and wonderful line. Everything about it seems to be organic and natural, and she is interacting with the piano and Bach, and in return they are interacting with her. It's really a beautfiul performance on a beautiful piano, expertly prepared. I know. I'm gushing. You can pay me later!
Posted By: Almaviva Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 04:54 PM
Beautiful performance, piano tone and recorded sound. Bravo!
Posted By: Dave B Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 06:23 PM
Thanks for the post. Its nice having the Bluthner sound in my ear again.
Posted By: Keith D Kerman Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 06:26 PM
We have a 2004 Bluthner Model 2 for sale that sounds exactly like that, or at least pretty close based on what you can get from a recording. I was actually playing through a bunch of Bach on it yesterday, so it is funny to see this thread.
It is very pretty Bach playing, and the voicing on that instrument sounds excellent. Good job!
Posted By: Almaviva Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 07:02 PM
I hope this isn't considered a thread hijacking, but I like the sound of this piano so much that I'm thinking of buying some more CDs in which a Bluthner piano was used.

Does anybody know of any commercial recordings of Ravel's piano music in which a Bluthner piano was used? That's my next big CD purchase, as the miscellaneous Ravel LPs in my collection are either worn out or just don't cut the mustard sonically anymore.

Come to think of it, does anybody know of commercial recordings of ANY classical music in which a Bluthner piano was used? I know Artur Pizarro has recorded Beethoven, Falla & Granados on a Bluthner Model 1, but are there any others?
Posted By: Withindale Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/11/13 07:14 PM
Bluther Recordings, see http://bluthnerpiano.com/index.php?...=alphacontent&Itemid=136&lang=en
Posted By: musicpassion Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/12/13 04:28 AM
Beautiful piano.
Yes, that is the sound I think of when I think of a good new Bluthner.
Posted By: Norbert Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/12/13 04:36 AM
VERY nice - quite impressive!

Congratulations bringing this beautiful colour to life!

[should pass your number along to the Bluethner dealer for I just visited...]

Norbert wink
Posted By: laguna_greg Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/12/13 04:46 AM
Yes, it's just gorgeous, so wonderfully dark like a really creamy, butterscotch mezzo!
Posted By: Alex Hernandez Re: The Blüthner Tone - 08/12/13 06:52 AM

Who was it?
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