Piano swapping?

Posted by: Davepost

Piano swapping? - 04/30/13 11:58 PM

I have a Steinway 5 ft 7 grand, from 1917, unrestored but unabused original but playing nicely and holds tune. Would it be likely someone with a Mason & Hamlin of similar vintage and size would swap with me? I have always been Mason freak, but ended up with a sweet old mahogany Steinway. Or am I dreaming?
Posted by: tone_depth

Re: Piano swapping? - 05/01/13 01:18 AM

How does your piano feel about swapping?
Posted by: JohnSprung

Re: Piano swapping? - 05/01/13 02:58 AM

I'd expect you could find a dealer who'd go for that. Depending on the condition of the two instruments, there may be some cash involved....