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New vs old

Posted By: Chris H.

New vs old - 02/18/13 12:39 PM

I have a student who is in the market for an upright. So far they are thinking of going for a grey market U1 and there are plenty available in the area. There's a dealer not far away who seems to specialise in them and I've had students buy from him before and been happy.

Today whilst visiting my folks in the north of England I called in at a small unit where I noticed (on eBay) some pianos were for sale. Seemed like a good guy and they are liquidating some stock as they will be moving premises shortly. He has a brand new Yamaha B2 which he's offering at a very good price. I played it and it seems quite nice. Last week I was looking at grands elsewhere and played the B1 back to back with a Kawai K15. Of the two I preferred the Yamaha but would not buy either as the tone quality was a bit weak. This B2 seemed a lot better and is actually cheaper than I can find a B1.

Now I know it's entry level but is there any particular reason not to recommend the B2? Sound wise it's a lesser piano than a U1 although the grey market ones vary a lot. I thought the action was more even too and it had that nice new piano feel. It's also a little cheaper than the grey market U1's which makes it even more attractive.

Any thoughts?
Posted By: Morodiene

Re: New vs old - 02/18/13 01:49 PM

I don't recommend grey market pianos to anyone. I own one and while I realize you get what you pay for, I did not realize that there would be so many issues from the difference in humidity. I am moving the piano to FL now (was in WI) and I'm hoping the greater humidity down here will be more suited to it.

The way I feel, if I'm going to recommend something, I want to be sure that I can stand behind my recommendation. Grey markets can vary and can be problematic. You may inform your student of the grey market piano and what they can expect for the price and let them decide, but probably give a stronger recommendation for the new Yamahas due to warranty and peace of mind.
Posted By: Roger Ransom

Re: New vs old - 02/18/13 01:59 PM

Just me, but if have a choice, I would always go with a new piano.
Posted By: Chris H.

Re: New vs old - 02/18/13 04:39 PM

Thanks guys, I'm going to look at the grey market ones in the morning but I think this B2 would make a nice starter instrument. I played some more advanced repertoire on it and although there were some limitations and it didn't exactly have a sound to fall in love with it coped very well. Given the price it appears a good deal and a safe option.

There is also the chance of a three year old U1 for sale privately. It's over budget but considerably less than new. Unfortunately it's listed on an auction which ends tomorrow evening and there's no chance of viewing it as its too far. If it doesn't sell through auction I would be prepared to go and see it with them. Bit more risk involved but it does look good.
Posted By: Chris H.

Re: New vs old - 02/19/13 08:21 AM

Well this now seems to be sorted.

Yesterday they called in at the Kawai dealer I went to visit last week. After checking out various pianos and asking a few questions they have settled on a brand new K3. By the sounds of it they have got a really great deal on it too which is good to know if I do end up going with the GE30 I played when I was there.

My student will be one happy little boy!
Posted By: Morodiene

Re: New vs old - 02/19/13 12:50 PM

Excellent news! I think they will be happy with it as well.
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