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Posted By: tintinlad

Pianodisc pianos - 02/03/13 07:33 AM

Hi everyone ! Im posting concerning the query of a user on a french forum looking for some appreciation on the new line of pianos by pianodisc:

Specifically in comparaison with the yamaha disklavier grands. He wants to adress the tone quality and overall tenure of those pianos? on the web I cannot find any review or article concerning those.

Thanks in advance
Posted By: tintinlad

Re: Pianodisc pianos - 02/09/13 06:46 AM

Nobody ?
Posted By: Cy Shuster, RPT

Re: Pianodisc pianos - 02/09/13 09:29 PM

I've seen PianoDisc pianos made by Young Chang, and of course the new Mason & Hamlins. I haven't seen this model.

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