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My new song

Posted By: 1wiki1

My new song - 01/27/13 09:53 AM

hello guys,
I´ve decided to post my new piano song on youtube, I would like to hear your opinion. Im just a beginner in composing. There are some little mistakes, so do not care about them :P . Thank you & I hope you will like it smile

Posted By: Rickster

Re: My new song - 01/27/13 03:13 PM

Sounds great! You may be "just a beginner" when it comes to composing, but you are certainly not a beginner when it comes to playing a piano. smile

Thanks for sharing...

I'm sure the folks over on the Adult Beginners Forum (most are NOT beginners smile ) or perhaps the Composer's Forum, both part of Piano World, would love to hear your composition.

Keep up the great work!

Posted By: peterws

Re: My new song - 01/27/13 06:42 PM

Super mood music. The continuous LH gave it a driving, relentless almost gloomy feel (driving home from work on a bad night lol) and . . . a most excellent piano sound!
Posted By: 1wiki1

Re: My new song - 01/27/13 07:50 PM

Thank you so much! smile
And I am going to post the video to that composing topic smile
Thank you smile
Posted By: 1wiki1

Re: My new song - 01/27/13 07:51 PM

Thank you! I do appreciate it smile
Posted By: TX-Dennis

Re: My new song - 01/28/13 03:28 AM

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