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Piano lamp ideas

Posted By: immuno

Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 04:12 AM

I have a new Clavinova digital piano and I desperately need a piano light for it. I started looking online but they are VERY expensive ($50-400). Also I like to put my laptop on the piano (w/ music stand down) so I can read sheet music/iTunes from the computer - Therefore, I was thinking of getting a floor lamp. But piano floor lamps are even more expensive.

Would a typical reading lamp suffice as a piano lamp? I was thinking of going to Ikea and getting something like this. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30089576/

It's very similar to the official piano floor lamps except the bulb isn't spread out horizontally. Would this work?
Posted By: musicpassion

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 04:39 AM

I have a floor lamp something like that by my piano. I also have a piano lamp.

The challenge I have with just the floor lamp is that I can't get the angle of light correct. Light coming from the side the music emphasizes crinkles etc. in the page, and if it's a new book you cant see into the binding well. Light coming from behind the music rack will shine through the page, making it harder to see the music. And if I move the lamp far enough so that I get the angle I need, then I think I'd trip over the lamp.

So if your room arrangement allows you to place the lamp where it will illuminate the music well, then I think it would work.
Posted By: jdw

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 01:59 PM

I have an Ikea floor lamp by the piano, a little smaller than the one pictured. It works fine for lighting. The main thing I don't like about it is that it's metal and not so sturdy. It's probably only a matter of time before someone knocks it over onto the piano and scratches the finish.
Posted By: Morodiene

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 02:08 PM

I have a regular table lamp that I can set on the side of the piano. It's adjustable and LED lights, so very bright and good to work with so that it hits the music just right. I think I paid $20 at Walmart, so I'm sure if you keep your eyes open you'll find something similar that will do the trick.

Something like this:
desk lamp
Posted By: Minnesota Marty

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 02:20 PM

My mother had one of these and it worked very well. It may also be available with warm white lights.

Posted By: piRround

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 02:47 PM

This is what I use. Granted it's not a fine piece of furniture but if space is a premium..it works well.

Posted By: malkin

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 03:50 PM

I have a fancy light that was discussed elsewhere on PW; it was pricy. The LEDs flicker, but I always figured it was my electricity, so I didn't complain to the manufacturer or seller.

I got one of these to sit next to it; it evens everything out nicely.
When the fancy one dies, I'll just replace it with another cheepie from Ikea.
Posted By: BeccaBb

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 04:48 PM

I use this and just clip it to wherever I need it! (it's only about $30 Canadian so cheaper elsewhere...)

Walmart Led Craft light
Posted By: Nash. Piano Rescue

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 05:27 PM

A lot of Nashville musicians are going to super bright head lamps. It might look strange on stage but when they are practicing that is what they like to wear. A good one is about 30.00. Since it is on your head it is illuminating what you are looking at.

Nashville Piano Rescue
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Lascassas TN
Posted By: rnaple

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 06:02 PM

Originally Posted by piRround
This is what I use. Granted it's not a fine piece of furniture but if space is a premium..it works well.


Looking at that. On the scroll down of choosing other models. They have a nine led Orchestra Lamp. Looks to be a killer music lamp. Read the reviews on this. They left nothing out. They thought of everything. Yup....it's not cheap though. You get what you pay for.

I'm interested if the one you suggested gives really good bright light on all two pages of the music?

Posted By: Tmoose

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 06:19 PM

I got a brass lamp for my grand piano for $10 at a thrift store which works great (with a long skinny CFL bulb), much like this one:


Nice focused light, very unobtrusive.
Posted By: wouter79

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 08:16 PM

I have an adjustable 250W halogen floor lamp shooting at the ceiling. Works great for me. I think this is also better for the eyes than a local bright spot in an otherwise dark room.
Posted By: LFL

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/06/13 09:54 PM

I'm considering this one, but its expensive:

Posted By: immuno

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/07/13 06:18 AM

Thanks guys for the excellent suggestions.
Originally Posted by LFL

This is exactly what I wanted too. But very $$$.

Here's a picture of my setup to give you an idea of what I'm working with. The floor lamp would go on the left side, right in the corner. I would like something that extends horizontally as much as possible though so it can go over the piano keys and/or sheet music. And something low profile to not block the picture of Manhattan, haha.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: piRround

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/07/13 04:00 PM

Yes, rnaple, there are two settings on each little lamp and you can go bright/bright or dimmer/bright. You can use one light or both. And, each light is flexible so you can arrange them any way you want.
Posted By: Mark VC

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/07/13 04:25 PM

Have you seen this?


I've got two of them, one for my C6 and one for my practice keyboard. Works great, illuminates the sheet music and the keyboard and nothing else. Clips onto the top of the music stand, and actually looks fine, doesn't look cheap or whatever. If it doesn't work out for you, you're out 22 bucks.
Posted By: yshhq

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/07/13 05:07 PM

I use this one:


Pretty good to me.
Posted By: immuno

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/07/13 06:11 PM

Well you guys may be missing the point. I don't think I'm a fan of clips or clip LEDs because as I said, I often set my computer on the surface in place of the stand & sheet music.

I'm mainly looking for overhead lighting that will illuminate the keys, mainly cause that corner of my apartment is so dark to begin with. And warm colors are desired.
Posted By: yshhq

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/07/13 08:04 PM

I use printed sheets. And it gives me plenty of light on both sheets and keyboard.
Posted By: Scott Hamlin

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/08/13 10:21 PM

I use Dad's old banker lamp. There are a lot of
different designs available.

Banker's Lamp Images
Posted By: peterws

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/08/13 10:37 PM

Anglepoise lights are OK. They`ll give ya light wherever you want it . .most musicians used these in te 70`s ...you`ll still get `em.
Posted By: LFL

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/19/13 01:45 AM

I did break down and got the Conoco LED light. I found I could also use it for lighting artwork. It is very slim and unobtrusive. Worth the $$, IMHO. (I do not work for the company!)

Posted By: MacMacMac

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/19/13 02:24 AM

I see dozens of suitable, moderately priced lamps on Amazon.
Posted By: immuno

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 01/31/13 03:15 AM

Hi guys, I just wanted to give you an update on the lamp I purchased from Amazon. I LOVE IT!! Best $40 I spent.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: lkplatow

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 02/03/13 11:55 PM

Very nice! Would you mind posting a link to it - I looked on amazon and can't find it. I am currently using a 10+ year old very similar lamp from Ikea, but it is on its last legs and Ikea doesn't sell anything like it anymore. I would love to find a replacement for $40 -- all the lamps like that that I have seen have been big $$$.

Posted By: PNO40

Re: Piano lamp ideas - 02/04/13 08:25 AM

This is what I found to work for my upright with split top lid. Though I was concerned about the light not being diffuse enough or casting shadows on the keys from the music shelf, it can be positioned just above your head and pointing back at the score and keys with ease. Here's an example of the kind of light you can achieve:

[Linked Image]
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