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New Mason & Hamlin Upright

Posted By: DannyW

New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 01/05/13 05:09 AM

Has anyone played a new or fairly new M&H Model 50 lately? I have read that it is quite nice....anyone with some actual hands-on? How does it compare to other uprights? Does the M&H quality and reputation of the grands carry over in its upright?
Posted By: Gatsbee13

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 01/05/13 06:42 AM

couldn't find a lot of info on it on the M&H website.. some of the buttons aren't clickable.. does it have the WNG action or wood?
Posted By: Larry C

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 01/05/13 12:23 PM

I purchased a new Mason and Hamlin Model 50 upright for my condo about 2 years ago. I also own a Steinway K-52 upright at my 2nd house (it is the Steinway upright equivalent in my opinion) ... the Mason and Hamlin is an excellent instrument and it was about 60% the cost of the Steinway K-52 ... if I had it to do all over I'd probably buy 2 Masons. I suggest you go to a local dealer and play one, it may be tough to find one but it is the reason I bought a Mason. I went to Seta Music in Cincinnati on a family trip to actually see a Mason and Hamlin when I was looking. Finally, they are a bit smaller in width (~57" vs. ~60") than the Yamaha's U1/U3 and also less than the Steinways, this helped me as well as I had a ~58" spot for the piano. I love this piano.

I love that it was made in the USA as well

Posted By: Rank Piano Amateur

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 01/05/13 01:41 PM

I have played new Mason and Hamlin model 50s in the past, and loved them. They are superb, and in my nonexpert opinion the quality of the grands does carry over to the uprights.
Posted By: Chopinlover49

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 01/05/13 05:47 PM

Can't say anything about the upright Mason-Hamlins, but I feel the grands are the equal, if not superior to, the Steinways of similar size. I am willing to guess that the uprights are top-notch from a quality standpoint, but only my guess.
Posted By: DannyW

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 01/05/13 08:37 PM

I can't seem to find a newer one to play either. I did play on one that was really old---looked like previous to 1950's model and didn't look well maintained. Not even sure what the model was back then but it did have M&H on the front. But playing a new one is in my future if I can find one out there. I am in South Texas and Houston area didn't have one but maybe dallas does (long drive though).
Posted By: JimAtGMajor

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 02/04/13 02:27 AM

A couple of weeks ago I went at it on a new Model 50 at a dealer's shop in southern New Hampshire. That box had Renner actions. What a gorgeous sound it puts out! Upper notes sparkle; lower notes are powerful. But, of course, at the quoted price it had better not disappoint.
I have actually been considering replacing my Yamaha with an M&H since a while now, the Model 50 being the most logical choice. The dealer told me that the factory will be upgrading the actions from Renner to WNG this year--with a price increase (sigh)--so I don't want to commit until I put a newer version through it paces.
Posted By: terminaldegree

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 02/04/13 05:37 AM

Although it was too loud at NAMM (and part of the case was missing for purposes of illustration) to evaluate the tone, I seriously enjoyed the action response of the WNG equipped model 50 at the show. I think it may be the most effective implementation of that action I've experienced as a player.
Posted By: Steven Y. A.

Re: New Mason & Hamlin Upright - 02/04/13 05:44 AM

Played one last week. Excellent piano,but I didn't like the sustain , as well as the Steinway k52. But it's just my personal tonal preference.

For similar price I,d compare to Schimmel k122 I thought is a much better sounding piano with great dynamic range.

Or the smaller European ones... Fredrick grotrian is currently on top of my list, bechstein a1, August Forster 116/125

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