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Advices on Fazioli

Posted By: ginevra

Advices on Fazioli - 11/11/12 06:59 PM

Last month a friend of mine bought a Fazioli piano after he had played a Steinway for a long period of time. Even now he is having a lot of difficulty to get used to play it. He says the touch is very different and the response slow. Have you ever noticed these problems too???

Also, what do you think about the quality of the sound produced by a Fazioli?
Posted By: Norbert

Re: Advices on Fazioli - 11/11/12 07:04 PM

Fazioli sound has always been very subjective - some love it, some don't.

You're obviously not the owner of the piano and this is your first post.

I'm a little surprised the owner is not posting here.

Tell your friend that a Fazioli dealer will look after his customer and that the matter is not of serious concern.

Fazioli's Renner mecanic is top grade action and can be regulated to owner's preference.

As same action in all other pianos can as well...

Posted By: Minnesota Marty

Re: Advices on Fazioli - 11/11/12 07:10 PM

Why didn't your "friend" play the piano before purchasing such an expensive instrument?

BTW - there is a sale for "socks" going on at Wal-Mart.
Posted By: Kugupiyano

Re: Advices on Fazioli - 11/12/12 10:58 AM

Dear Ginevra,

Fazioli touch is absolutely special. Just like anything else that you are trying new..It's expected that you would have problems at first but as you get used to it, it may become impossible to leave the instrument.
Posted By: Numerian

Re: Advices on Fazioli - 11/12/12 01:38 PM

My Fazioli had quite a lot of adjusting to do when it arrived at home, where the climate is dry compared to Italy. It took several months of settling in, and something I had to consider was that the wood components of the action needed time to adjust to the new surroundings too. A good technician will know how to make adjustments to the action to optimize the feel the way the customer likes, taking into account the humidity in the room.

The most important thing for a piano like this is to have a good technician who is skilled at more than tuning. Your friend may even need to change his technician and find someone who works on concert grands in recital halls. Top-end pianos are like fine automobiles and need a skilled technician who can manage all aspects of their care.
Posted By: Kugupiyano

Re: Advices on Fazioli - 11/13/12 05:21 PM

Fazioli does make good action! The use of the fourth pedal is also astonishing once you get used to it! Has anyone experienced the 4th pedal?
Posted By: Norbert

Re: Advices on Fazioli - 11/13/12 05:27 PM

Fazioli doens' make actions - they use the German Renner.

Most likely "to their specifications" but first class.

Touch-feel is a simple matter of competent technicians setting things up to owners' liking.

Sorry, but finding this whole discussion a bit odd....

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