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Long Island Piano Passions part 2

Posted By: lilylady

Long Island Piano Passions part 2 - 04/14/08 11:29 AM

Lee, LJC, lives not too far from Dan, CC2&Cl's home on Long Island.

I had remembered his posts about owning a Hamburg Steinway Concert Grand and had never seen/heard one before. LJC graciously invited the New England pianists to stop on by and give it a whirl before heading back north.


"Let me at it"!!!

So early on Sunday morn, Terrytunes, John Citron and I, Lilylady, showed up on his doorstep, bagels in hand.

OMG, he has a large enclosed music room with its piano friendly environment seen behind french doors. We entered. And there it was, this long curvacious elegant Concert Grand from Germany, which was tuned two days before and awaiting our fingers.

It just may be the very one that you see in this article owned by Istomin

[Linked Image]

It didn't take long for us to 'take our turn' at it! It just sang! Very clear yet beautifully rich tone. And the touch was perfect. Just enough resistance to allow great control.

TT playing a fitting 'As Time Goes By'

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

LJC showing what a treble bell is to TT (and explaining it to us)

[Linked Image]

Lee seen from the tail end! Did I mention he likes Rachmaninoff? laugh and I think I know what my next piece is going to be!

[Linked Image]

John and I timed each other's turns as we each wanted to play more and more and more! And that trip home was going to be so long and none of us wanted our L I party to end!!!

But alas, the ferry's whistle was about to blow so with one last group pic with Lee, and hugs of thanks, we headed home, happy to have played such wonderful pianos over the weekend.

[Linked Image]

Thank you Lee. That was very special!

And again, our thanks to Dan for inviting us to enjoy your pianos and chance to meet with some wonderful people in the piano world!

Long Island Piano Passion Part 1 is here:

Posted By: Terrytunes

Re: Long Island Piano Passions part 2 - 04/15/08 02:46 AM

I’d also like to add my note of thanks to Lee for providing us an opportunity to enjoy his piano. Thank you also for devoting your Sunday morning to add further enjoyment to our weekend piano adventure.

It was wonderful having the chance to visit with you in your own surroundings and to be delightfully entertained by your performance. One could easily see what beautiful soul mates you and your piano have become! I hope you continue to enjoy your Hamburg Steinway for many years to come!

LL… great pic of Lee at the piano. That definitely deserves to be framed and added to the family photo collection!

Now that butt shot… hmmmm … don’t think that one’s a keeper!! eek
Posted By: lilylady

Re: Long Island Piano Passions part 2 - 04/15/08 08:41 AM

For Lee -

John posted his thanks under parties:

Posted By: Rich Galassini

Re: Long Island Piano Passions part 2 - 04/15/08 08:24 PM


This is another piano that I'd like to play someday. It looks like TT, LL, and John C. had a blast.

Another day, I hope.
Posted By: LJC

Re: Long Island Piano Passions part 2 - 04/16/08 01:03 AM

Hey Rich, Anytime! I'd love to have the chance to return the favor and host you at my home. I will not forget the hospitality you showed us when we came to Philly to see your amazing piano shop.

LL & TT, Glad you enjoyed it! I had a great time watching you enjoy and I got to hear my piano played very beautifully from another vantage point too.

So if I need a house sitter would you be available?

(Now over to John's post)
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