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Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson

Posted By: somanychoices

Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/23/06 12:38 AM

Hi everyone!

I just started learning how to play the piano and am currently playing on a keyboard. I am rapidly approaching the point where I need a real piano. I plan on spending around $3,500-$4,000 on a piano. I went to the piano dealership today and was offered a Yamaha T116 in polished ebony finish for $4,495. Is that a good price? The dealer also offered to sell me a Cable Nelson CN116, also in polished ebony, for under $3,500. The dealer needs to talk to someone before he can offer me a solid price, which won't be until Monday or Tuesday. The dealer said it's the same piano as the Yamaha, just a lot cheaper. Is there a difference between the Cable Nelson and the Yamaha?

Thanks for your help!
Posted By: Jerry Cohen, RPT

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/23/06 12:51 AM

I just tuned a Cable Nelson CN116 last week. It seems to be identical to the T116, except made in China (apparently by Yamaha). The workmanship was excellent. The regulation of the action was perfect. The only negative was the pinblock which felt typically Chinese - rediculously tight and difficult to control. Yamahas are usually very easy to tune because the pins are smooth and responsive.

Overall, it seems like an excellent value. Perhaps others have more specific knowledge.
Posted By: Bob

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/23/06 01:11 AM

Maybe given some time, Yamaha can teach the Chinese what a good pinblock feels like, and how to string one. That would be a feather in their cap for sure. The feel of the tuning pins is not a customer issue, it's an issue for us techs. I hate it when a bad Chinese block causes me extra tuning time. Time is money.
Posted By: somanychoices

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/24/06 05:05 PM

Thanks! It sounds like the Cable Nelson will be a good alternative to the more expensive Yamaha.

I check on Larry Fine's Piano Book and the list price is $3,190 for the Cable Nelson. I'll see what the dealer offers. Keep your fingers crossed for me. =)
Posted By: Christopher P. Smith

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/25/06 06:44 PM

The Cable Nelson built by Yamaha is quite nice for the money. Laminated sound board and like others have noted, the pin block is a bit snug.

A well built piano!
Posted By: somanychoices

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/26/06 08:35 PM

What's the difference between a spruce sound board (Yamaha) and a laminated sound board (Cable Nelson)?
Posted By: Christopher P. Smith

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/26/06 09:05 PM

Most manufactures use a solid spruce soundboard. In this case, Yamaha is manufacturing the Cable Neslon piano in China and decided to use a laminated soundboard to keep costs down. IMHO, yes the tone suffers a bit when comparing to a piano of equal quality made with a solid spruce soundboard.

The fact that the soundboard is laminated does not signify that it is not a good quality piano.
Posted By: asd123321

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/27/06 12:51 AM

How about the Yamaha P22, basically the same model, but $1200 less than T116 on an old price list and has solid soundboard?
Posted By: somanychoices

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/28/06 04:40 PM

Hmmm...the Yamaha dealership never showed me the P22. I will have to ask. Based on the price listing I have, the difference is only $200. I guess my purchase will depend on how much I can talk the price down, since the Cable Nelson, although made by Yamaha, does not have the same history. Unfortunately, to my untrained ear, both pianos sound the same...both good, but the same.
Posted By: Christopher P. Smith

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 07/28/06 06:33 PM

Just to clarify, all Yamaha piano have solid spruce soundboards, including the T116. The new cable nelson piano has the laminated board.

Enjoy and goodluck!
Posted By: Sandy_Ontario

Re: Yamaha vs. Cable Nelson - 09/04/06 06:00 PM

I've just placed an order for this piano. Get it tomorrow. Cant wait for it. Seems more wholesome than the Yamaha equivalent (warmer too). It will do for the next 3 years or so for myself and my daughters 9 and 11. Spruce or laminated, I could not tell the difference. The next big difference I noted was the U1 and U3.
Will let you know how it settles in and sounds like at home !!
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