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Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos?

Posted By: James Abrams

Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 10/07/12 09:03 AM

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone here knows much about the German brand of pianos called Uebel and Lechleiter, 1871-1987. There doesn't seem to be a lot on them.

Our family has had an old upright one for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I'm trying to sell it as it's part of my dad's estate. I'm getting someone to have a look at it to see what it's condition is. But I don't know much about the brand at all, seeing as there isn't much on them I'm guessing they weren't overly popular or very good.

I'm a bit sad about selling it but I don't play anymore (dreaded short finger disease wink and I can't take it home.
If the number on the soundboard is the serial number (6592) it places the piano as being made in 1903, easily the oldest thing in the house smile

Here's a piccy its in typical unrestored condition.
Das Piano
Posted By: Supply

Re: Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 10/07/12 08:08 PM

Uebel and Lechleiter was a German maker of middle of the road pianos. Most German pianos of this era were polished in black shellac; yours has a quite beautiful burl veneer case. While these pianos can be very musical, its age dictates that it probably needs a certain amount of work to get it performing at its top potential.
Sadly, instruments like these don't fetch much in the way of a price on the open market. It's an interesting piece though.
best of luck.
Posted By: James Abrams

Re: Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 10/08/12 02:18 AM

Ahh thankyou for shedding some light on it,
since there aren't a lot of them about in Australia I assumed it was either:
a) Not sold in large quantities or
b) Not the uber high quality stuff.

I did always think it was a lovely looking thing, its watched over the family for about 30-40 years. I hope it can go to someone who can do something with it. Perhaps even convert it into something else if it's playing days are over.

Posted By: backto_study_piano

Re: Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 02/17/13 02:04 PM

I know this thread was a few months ago - but I just googled "Uebel and Lechleiter" and came up with this thread.

The reason I googled it was to research a "Uebel and Lechleiter" piano at St Stephen's Anglican Church, Coorparoo, Brisbane. Serial Number is 22223.

So it looks like there are at least 2 in Brisbane.
Posted By: James S.R.

Re: Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 01/13/17 05:41 AM

I picked one of these Pianos up for free that had been sitting for about ten years in the warehouse office of the wood supplier that I use. These WERE NOT middle of the road Pianos as has been "suggested" above. This is the highest quality upright that I have ever seen, heard, or played. The action is absolutely phenomenally designed, with a better ability to regulate the touch than most grand Pianos; the sound is that of a 7' grand in the bass; the overall build quality, solid as a rock.

In fact, the following quote is taken from Wikipedia, and based on the quality that I have seen, I don't doubt it a bit... "For many years Uebel & Lechleiter used to be the house company of the Catholic Church in Rome and it made special instruments for pope Pius X. It is therefore a company with a very long and famous history."
Posted By: PhilipInChina

Re: Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 01/13/17 09:05 AM

I see the only part of that wikipaedia article that is referenced is the date on which they started to manufacture.

For a company with a "long and famous history" I, for one, had never heard of them.
Posted By: Chris Leslie

Re: Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 01/13/17 08:13 PM

Uebel & Lechleiter are very common in Australia. The Palings company used these pianos to re-badge as their Victor pianos from well back until about the late 1910s I think. The original name is obscured.

One thing about them is that they had very ornate internal mouldings on their action brackets. I will post a picture of one when I get time.

On some occasions the pianos made it into Australia with the original name
Posted By: Melving

Re: Any info about Uebel and Lechleiter Pianos? - 01/13/17 09:47 PM

Wikipedia article source appears to be the (renamed) corporate webpage, no?

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