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Posted By: COG

KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/15/12 03:15 PM

Hi Everybody! smile

Just purchased Kawai CA 65 black.
My name is Fabio. I am new at this forum. I am Italian, so please forgive some English language mistakes. I have read a lot of comments about DP and this site war "really" helpful to guide me in the purchase of the piano, so thank to anyone who contributed and will contribute to this great site! smile

Just a piece of information about me: I have an upright acoustic and I have studied music for 5 years at the music academy taking the solfeggio diploma. Some years ago I had to move for work to another city, so it became difficult to play the piano regularly. After a stop of nearly 7 years I decided to re-start playing.
I tried side by side the the ca63, the ca93, the new ca65 and some other DP. Here there are my considerations:

KAWAI CA 63/93
Touch very good. Sound too. The ca 93 has a more rich sound diffusion emphasizing the bass when you play without headphones, but for me the two piano, except the assembly design and the speakers, are quite the same. With headphones I heard no differences in sound between the two DPs.

I was a bit worried, because I have read some not good revisions in this forum, so the first time I tried it seemed not so good as the 63, but probably I was just worried about the new piano and this affected my playing. Furthermore the sounds settings were really different from the 63 (one bright the other mellow).
I come back again 2 days later at the shop and I re-tried for about 5 hours (mainly classical music) just the two models (ca 63 and ca 65) with almost the same settings and the same volume oriented to have a brighter sound and a touch heavier.
For me the sound of the 65 is superior, more rich and powerful. For me the touch is not lighter at all than the 63! It is just "different", a bit easier to play and it gave me a superior feeling especially playing hard. I noticed more width black keys. I had a look on the keys texture too. I think that the material is the same, but the texture is slightly different in roughness, but when you have become used playing it the feel is really good. Please take into account that also If I have a certain experience in playing my Petrof upright I am not a pianist, so maybe a pianist might have a different idea. This is just a personal and subjective review and these are just my opinions.

The touch is, of course, different from an upright acoustic, but frankly I think that is a wrong way to search something that simulates entirely an upright. I was searching an instrument to re-start playing regularly and If this happen, in the future I will buy another acoustic piano (I tried also the acoustic upright Kawai k3 ATX).
Just something wrong, but I am not sure about it. It regards a key sound. With headphones it is ok, but with the speakers it seems to have a more metallic sound especially when I play it hard. But I have to verify that, maybe it is normal and it is only my ear which emphasizes this difference. (Anyway If Kawai James or anyone can tell me if it is possible that there is a problem with a key sound with speakers and not with the headphones I will be glad to hear his suggestions).

The furniture is really solid too, also if I would advice Kawai to do also a polished black with, of course, an extra cost because the DP would look more as an acoustic.

I still have to try a lot of functions like settings, midi and usb devices, so I will keep you well informed about that. I will be really glad to hear also your suggestions, questions and comments.
This is my first (good) impression about the CA 65. As soon as possible I will post some recordings and images of the piano, but, I tell it in advance, please be kind and forgive some notes mistakes (I have not played "seriously" the piano since 2006 more or less so I am really "rusty"...).

Thanks really again to this forum and its participants for the helpful contribution they have given to me...:)

kawai ca 65
Posted By: jawhitti

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/15/12 03:44 PM

I've never played a Kawai digital but if it's anything like a Yamaha AvanteGrande that's a nice piano. Enjoy it!
Posted By: Rickster

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/15/12 04:13 PM

Hi, and welcome to the Piano World Forums!

This is the forum for acoustic piano, as a general rule, but we do discuss digitals on occasion. There is another sub-forum here just for digital pianos... http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubb...al%20Pianos%20-%20Synths%20&%20.html

Anyway, congratulations on your new Kawai CA 65!!! And, your reinvigorated interest in playing the piano!

Posted By: Robert 45

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/15/12 06:00 PM

Hi Fabio,
I have played only acoustic pianos and I am not familiar with your Kawai CA 65.

Congratulations and all the very best for your music making!

Kind regards,

Posted By: Scott McBain

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/16/12 12:30 AM

Super digital,

Posted By: Lakeside

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/16/12 01:59 AM

Hi, Fabio
Warm congratulations, and look forward to further describe and photos.
Congratulations on your selection and purchase a new KAWAI CA65.
Like you, I am also very interested in KAWAI CA63/65. Unfortunately (for me), they have not officially entered the Chinese mainland market (I live in Beijing), so I do not have a chance to try them, so I very much want to see a true evaluation of CA63/65 Thank you carefully described.
Following this period, I did not see (forgive my English is not good enough).
[The touch is, of course, different from an upright acoustic, but frankly I think that is a wrong way to search something that simulates entirely an upright I was searching Searching an instrument to re-start playing regularly - and If this happen, in the future I will buy another acoustic piano (I tried also the acoustic upright Kawai k3 ATX).]
I wanted to know how much difference 65 touch and acoustic piano to be able to receive what extent?

Posted By: MertYazan

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/16/12 09:05 PM

thank you.very goond and important infotmation from first hand.
Posted By: COG

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/17/12 09:07 AM

Hi everybody! smile

Thanks all of you for your comments! They have been really appreciated! Sorry for my mistake, but I am new at this forum so I just realized that I probably posted this review in the wrong forum. frown I will move it soon to the digital forum anyway smile

For Lakeside: I will write you soon telling my comments about the different touch between DP and upright acoustic! smile

Posted By: COG

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/18/12 06:54 PM

For Lakeside: I will write soon more information about my opinion on the touch, in the meanwhile you can find some photos using this link:


kind regards

Posted By: COG

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/20/12 10:03 AM

Hi, Lakeside smile

just for information: I went to China in 2006 on holiday (15 days). I made the tour almost of the whole country and of course, I went to Beijing too...splendid city!

Here you are my impression about the ca 65 vs acoustic touch. I preferred to play it a bit more just to be sure of what I am telling you, also If it is a subjective topic.

I tried the 63 and 65 as lot.
The ca 65 is easier to play than the 63 and for me it is not lighter at all. I think you can feel more the feeling with the keys, but If you are looking for something which replicates the key release of an acoustic I think, you know, there is, unfortunately, no DP to get this goal completely. You know, the feel you have when play an acoustic is quite different from any kind of DP (I mean the key stiffness, the key responsiveness, the key inertia and so on). Furthermore when you play an acoustic it is very difficult to play a key obtaining a very low sound, this is simpler using a DP. Anyway I found the ca 65 a very good DP and you can act on the touch parameters to simulate the acoustic touch (I use always a "heavy" or "heavy+" touch type). Just to give you the idea: when I played the 63 hard the key gave me the impression of "plastic material", it is difficult to explain with words. This did not happen with the ca 65. The sound is very good too and I can feel also the vibration on my fingers when I play. I have to say that comparing to an acoustic the high notes play a bit low, but I still haven't change all the setting parameters of virtual technicians.
Please don't hesitate to ask If you would like to know more or If you have some specific question. I posted some photos of the piano and soon I will post some recording.

kind regards

Posted By: Lakeside

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/21/12 08:03 AM

thanks for your introduction. I'm glad you came to my country and the Beijing Tourism.
I also went to Europe in September 2004 tourism, I toured in Italy, Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome. Of course, there is the San Marino and the Vatican. Beautiful Watertown, Renaissance art, as well as the ruins of ancient Rome, I'm shocked, amazed! Welcome to Beijing again, maybe we can work together to drink a glass of.
I really like Kawai, and has a the SK grand piano, SK3 that pure, bright, mellow, rich sound and sensitive and comfortable touch very fascinated.
I was also searching for a DP, I do not have to care for others and presumptuous to practicing, playing playback can also ...
The online survey, I was in love with Kawai CA63 However, recent attempts to CA13 after, of 13 touch can not accept, soft recovery is not enough time, and also some slight trembling. I worried the CA63 also have similar problems.
The CA65 after the release, I heard that the the touch increased escapement than 63 have improved significantly, but not in the Chinese mainland market, Kawai 63/65, so I very reluctantly.
Currently, my choice is:
1, It must purchase a DP;
2, Need to select the one-touch feeling of the the closest acoustic piano DP;
3, The right price (about 5000US $).
So, your opinion is very meaningful to me.

Best wishes!
Posted By: jawhitti

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/21/12 11:25 AM


Have you considered a "slab"? The Roland RD-700nx is quite good and comfortably less than $5000. The V-piano is really awesome. but runs around $6000US.
Posted By: COG

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/24/12 03:31 PM

Hi Lakeside! smile

I don't know why, but I received your message just today morning...so sorry for the late reply.
I am really glad too you went to Italy for tourism and you liked it so much! smile thanks for your opinion and introduction!

As I told you I tried many different DP before going for the ca 65 and for me the 65 is better than the 63 (touch and sound too). So If I were you I will try to buy the 65 online if you don't have a local dealer which can provide it. (have you had a look on online sites?)

Anyway before buying the 65 I tried also the new Yamaha NU1...it has a very good touch "very" close to an acoustic piano, but (it is subjective anyway) I felt it slightly heavier for my fingers. Can you try this model in the Chinese mainland market? The cost is quite inside the budget.

I have just found a topic on it:


Yesterday I tried to record a song (with the 65 of course), If it can help you I can send the file just to allow you to hear the sound, but please forgive some notes mistakes on it...:(

Best Wishes for everything! smile
Posted By: spanishbuddha

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/24/12 08:32 PM

The NU1 touch is less smooth than the CA63/93 because it is more piano like. You can feel the hammer engage, disengage, behind the key. Usually you can not on a digital. I find the CA63 easier to play, especially compared to an acoustic. So if you want a more realistic piano feel and touch for control of dynamics, buy an NU1, or perhaps N1/2/3, or real piano.
Posted By: Lakeside

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/27/12 09:37 AM

Hi Fabio!
Thanks for your reply and valuable suggestions. I intend to seriously study CA65 and NU1, Unfortunately, I finally found, CA65 & NU1 not to enter the Chinese mainland market. (http://www.yamaha.com.cn/ & www.kawaipiano.cn).
I hope there will be changes in the near future, so I have a chance to try them. Would like to hear your the CA65 recording and online distribution.
Thanks again!

Posted By: Lakeside

Re: KAWAI CA 65 - JUST DELIVERED - 09/27/12 09:42 AM

Thank you spanishbuddha! I will be looking for the opportunity to try NU1.

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