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OT: Frank & Kathy in NYC in Sept.

Posted By: Piano World

OT: Frank & Kathy in NYC in Sept. - 08/18/12 02:05 PM

Kathy and I will be in NYC Sept. 23-25

We land at Laguardia Sunday morning September 23rd.
We don't have meetings until Monday afternoon (24th), flying back out the evening of the 25th.

Will be staying up near Piano Row, probably on W 57th, if we can find a place that doesn't cost more than my car
(one night hotel rate is more than a round trip flight ticket from FL).

Wondered if there might be any piano owning members in the area who would like to host a piano forums party, or just put up with Kathy and me visiting :-)

(Keep in mind we won't have a car and aren't familiar with the subway system, so good instructions would be appreciated.)

We are also planning to visit the piano shops on W 58th Monday and/or Tuesday morning.

Feel free to reply to this thread, PM me, or email frank_baxter@pianoworld.com

Posted By: Derulux

Re: OT: Frank & Kathy in NYC in Sept. - 08/18/12 03:40 PM

Hi Frank,

I live in Philly, but would be interested in taking the trip up. Let me know if this materializes.

Also, regarding the hotel: if you stay a little farther south, you can probably get a room for <$200/night at a 3 star hotel. The Holiday Inn on 57th is probably going for around $300/night. You can take a cab or walk up to 57th. Subway's not impossible to figure out for this stretch of city, but definitely interesting for first-timers.

Hope it helps.

Posted By: Piano World

Re: OT: Frank & Kathy in NYC in Sept. - 08/18/12 04:21 PM

Hi Deru,

We ended up with the Holiday Inn on 57th. More money than I wanted to spend, but
conveniently located.

Should be into the hotel by noon on Sunday, which will give us Sunday afternoon/night to visit
if something materializes.

We should also have Monday morning open, and Tuesday up to about 4:30 (flight out
of Laguardia is Tues. night at 7:45). Had thought of trying to take in Ellis Island but probably not
practical for this trip.

Posted By: musdan

Re: OT: Frank & Kathy in NYC in Sept. - 08/21/12 03:48 PM

Hi Frank,

A fun thing to do at night, take a walk down Broaday - lots of lights. Another suggestion is to walk down Fifth Avenue - Kathy will love all the shopping and when you get to 34th Street, there's the Empire State Building it's a daytime thing to do.

I know you and Kathy won't have much time - just suggestions. How can I leave out Steinway Hall - just walk straight down 57th Street - it's just a short hop, skip and a jump from Carnegie Hall.

Time Warner Building, Columbus Circle and Central Park are within easy walking distance from the Holiday Inn. In fact put on your walking shoes and enjoy. It's the fastest and easiest way to get around all of the above.

Hope the weather is cool and the sun shines bright for you trip. Enjoy
Posted By: Piano World

Re: OT: Frank & Kathy in NYC in Sept. - 08/21/12 07:05 PM

Hi musdan,

Thanks for your note.
I've been to the area a few times, including the famous first Piano Crawl in 2003
( http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/921398/ ).
My daughter went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts too, so I've been around that area (3rd and East 30th).

However Kathy has only seen NY briefly on time when we were driving through. I managed to get her up in the Empire State Building, but by the time we got to Piano Row most of the stores were closed.

So yes, we will try to visit Steinway Hall and Carnigie Hall, and possibly Central Park.

Posted By: musdan

Re: OT: Frank & Kathy in NYC in Sept. - 08/21/12 08:19 PM

Frank - I forgot to mention Lincoln Center. Hope you and Kathy have good weather. If you get to Steinway they have have practice rooms on the second floor, but I know you'll get to play and boy, I wonder what it would be like to own one.

My teacher has a Steinway and she keeps in top condition.

Enjoy NY, have fun. smile
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