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Franz Wirth?

Posted By: VMoney

Franz Wirth? - 07/13/05 01:30 AM

Has anyone heard of this piano maker?

I searched the forum but the only result that came up was something about Tchaikovsky's first piano which was apparently a Wirth.
A google search returns a bunch of results in German and Russian... neither of which I can read

Any help is appreciated,

Posted By: Wim

Re: Franz Wirth? - 07/13/05 09:04 PM

Franz Wirth was a piano builder in Europe (end of the 19th century) who was a pupil of Bösendorfer. He made a lot of grand piano's in Germany and France (some are actually for sale on E-bay in Germany and France).
There is a foundation that bears his name :
Franz-Wirth-Gedächtnis-Stiftung zur Förderung des musikalischen Nachwuchses
Spitalerstr. 28, 20095 Hamburg
Tel.: (040) 338226 od. 6052236 Fax: (040) 339277

I guess you can find more information over there.

Good luck.

Posted By: AlexJBS

Re: Franz Wirth? - 07/13/05 10:47 PM

Franz Wirth was a pianomaker in Vienna, Austria ! He worked from 1880 to 1928 on different locations in Vienna. He was a pupil of Ludwig Bösendorfer.
Posted By: Calin

Re: Franz Wirth? - 07/14/05 01:05 PM

I have seen a few Wirth pianos, they were quite standard Viennese instruments, nothing really special.
Posted By: VMoney

Re: Franz Wirth? - 07/15/05 06:23 PM

Calin -

By nothing special, do you mean compared to other Austrian/German instruments of it's time?

I'm asking because someone is selling a 1927 5'8" Franz Wirth in my price range (sub $8k) and I was wondering if it was "wirth" checking out (sorry for the pun)... How would it compare to a more recent grand of that size?

I've been considering the usual Dongbei brands bandied about here as well as keeping my eye out for used Yamahas, Kawais, etc.

Posted By: Jens Schlosser

Re: Franz Wirth? - 07/15/05 10:28 PM

A piano of that age can be still usable as a musical instrument or it can be falling apart. Condition is everything. Concerning resale value it probably wouldn't make much sense to rebuild this piano. So check it out with a tech to evaluate it's condition. If it still plays (and holds a tune, of course), decide if you like it and buy it or not. If it has a vienesse action, resale value would be close to 0$ (but probably even the vienesse makers adopted the modern action somewhen in the early 20th century). A more recent grand of this size would sound different and play different.

When you say your budget is "sub $8k", this could buy you a wonderful used piano. When I think of the comparetively few older vienesse grands I've seen, I wouldn't remember one piano I'd have loved to sink sub $8k in, rather sub $0k.

Best regards,
Posted By: Calin

Re: Franz Wirth? - 07/16/05 09:58 AM

Yes, I mean compared to other Austrian instruments. The best Viennese pianos were Boesendorfer, Schweighofer, Streicher, Ehrbar etc., as far as I know.
For 8k you can buy much more than an old Wirth. By all means, have a look at it, perhaps it is in good condition.
But it might have a Viennese action - if so, it has a different touch from a modern action and I'm not sure you want that.
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