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Ironically I recently asked on another thread why Schimmel hasn't put out any promotional videos.

Well here ya go!

Thanks for the post.
Nice vid!
Thanks for posting this link on the making of Schimmel pianos!

With the concert pianists in the video, I now know how my piano is supposed to sound like :-) I need to work on my piano playing skills to bring out the beauty of the sound of my Schimmel.

Too bad this video isn't sold in stores. My daughter gave me a video on the making of Steinways, not realizing I didn't have a Steinway.
The best and msot complete piano manufacturer video I've seen so far.

Thank you for sharing.

That was excellent - thanks for the link! It was great to get a glimpse of the factory and staff who made my CC213T.
Thanks. Great video!! Very curious the bridge modification (my old one doesn't have it).
One of the better videos about making pianos IMO.
I agree... it is the best video I've seen yet. Wonder why its not on the Schimmel website.
Thanks for posting this link. A great video. Had a chance to play some Schimmel pianos years ago and they were very nice instruments.
Very nice!

Norbert thumb
Nice, great to see how they made my baby...
Great Presentation! I certainly wish that some of those Master Technicians lived near me!!
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