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Story & Clark upright (new)

Posted By: Daniel1402

Story & Clark upright (new) - 05/11/12 12:29 PM

I am currently gathering info and feedback on a couple of brands. The last brand on my list for testing later this summer are the S&C uprights (H8, H9 or S8). These are recent models, hence made in China. Would anyone have any experience with these pianos? I find the fact that (according to Larry Fine book) they all come with the PNOscan system pre-installed quite interesting. This makes these pianos close to a silent version with the addition of a couple of accessories.

Any feedback would be much appreciated (I would have to drive more than 400 km to go try these pianos, so I would appreciate some feedback first).

Posted By: Daniel1402

Re: Story & Clark upright (new) - 05/13/12 11:57 PM

After 261 views...no comments! This tells me that basically nobody has experience with their recent pianos made in China. I am somewhat surprised since they all come with PNOscan installed which gives a USB and MIDI connection. I would have thought that hybrid pianos were gaining in popularities...

Posted By: Greg88

Re: Story & Clark upright (new) - 05/14/12 01:24 AM

I would love to find any Story and Clark dealer in my area but they just are not seen much around here. Would truly enjoy trying them out. I used to love the older ones with the "storytone" soundboard. I think they are now known as "Storytone 2" soundboards. Anyway, I always loved them and am very curious to know about the very recent ones. They seem to have a good reputation. Best wishes to you.
Posted By: RoyP

Re: Story & Clark upright (new) - 05/14/12 02:16 AM

Hi Greg88. I think that Seta Music is a Story and Clark dealer. It's been a while since I've been there, so I don't know what Frank has in stock.
Posted By: Greg88

Re: Story & Clark upright (new) - 05/14/12 04:16 AM

Hey, you are right! Seta does sell Story and Clark and I'm gonna take a trip up there and check them out. Heaven knows I don't need another piano but you never know! Very anxious to play one of the new ones cause I always thought the older ones were awesome. Hope they have some without the player mechanism but it looks to me like all the new S&C's have them pre-installed. Thanks a bunch.
Posted By: Daniel1402

Re: Story & Clark upright (new) - 05/14/12 12:14 PM

Hi Greg88, according to Larry Fine's latest Piano Buyer book (Spring 2012), all Story & Clark pianos come with PNOscan. It is an optical sensor bar that DOES NOT interact with the action.

I may go to Toronto this summer to visit the dealer for Canada. It is quite a ride for me (more than 400 km both ways) so this is why I was seeking some advice on this forum before I spend a full day and $200 in gas...So if you do see them in the near future let me know what you think of the tone and build. I know tone is a very subjective matter though.

The Cosmopolitan upright S8 has quite the modern design which is rare in upright piano these days. It would fit well in our living/dining room decor.

Like I posted in another thread, before buying a Kawai K3, Yamaha U1 or Essex EUP123 (only reps in my city), I would like to see and try the S & C.

Best regards,
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