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Posted By: Womble euterpe? - 03/18/02 05:26 PM
i have seen euterpe pianos at my nearest dealer. they are made in germany and sound very nice. the price is about £3500 or $5000 i think. is this a good pinao to buy as a first piano? has anyone heard of this name? the piano dealer says that this is mainly for beginners. i am gr 8 +. is it suitable?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: euterpe? - 03/19/02 08:24 AM
Euterpe pianos are made by Bechstein.
For more information you may want to follow this URL: http://www.bechstein.de/english/

Euterpe pianos are beginner pianos and I personally didn't find their sound and touch very pleasing. A little "rough" for my taste.
However, I doubt that an Euterpe piano would be satisfying for someone who is rather advanced in piano playing. Above that I think that GBP 3.500 (= EUR 5.600) is quite expensive. Here in Germany they cost between EUR 3.400 to EUR 4.000 depending on the finish you choose.
If you like the tone you may want to consider expanding your budget a bit and have a look at the Hoffmann piano, also made by Bechstein. For the price point (around EUR 4.500 for the smallest model here in Germany) I found them to be a nice piano.
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