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Posted By: bwalk23bluehawk The Doorbell Anthem - 01/19/12 04:26 AM
Wrote this Doorbell Anthem based on my annoying doorbell's tune.
Posted By: tnew Re: The Doorbell Anthem - 01/19/12 04:47 AM
Thanks, that was very nice. You probably know, but your doorbell plays westminister chimes. It is my favorite chime and I enjoyed hearing a tribute to it.
Posted By: terminaldegree Re: The Doorbell Anthem - 01/19/12 04:53 AM
You're posting in the wrong section (again)... try the "pianist corner - non classical", "member recordings" or other relevant section of this site.

It's great that you're enthusiastic about playing-- work to refine your pedal technique a bit (just a suggestion, anyway).
Posted By: bwalk23bluehawk Re: The Doorbell Anthem - 01/20/12 03:20 AM
sorry i'm new to this, I will check out that other section.. and I agree, I could use some work with the pedals haha
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