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ATTN: Piano Dealers & Manufacturers - PW NAMM Specials!

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ATTN: Piano Dealers & Manufacturers - PW NAMM Specials! - 01/05/12 08:42 PM

If you are a Piano Dealer or Manufacturer please invest a couple of minutes reading this in its entirety...

Piano World is the World's Most Popular Piano Web Site.

We receive more unique visitors a day than most other piano sites see in a month, making us well positioned to provide you exposure to the largest number of qualified prospects.

Thousands of people find Piano World every day via the search engines, links from other sites, or referrals from their friends. They come here because they are searching for information about pianos. They seek advice and feedback. Many of them come back to post their thanks and share pictures with us. (*see some examples listed at bottom of this thread)

Everyone who visits Piano World is directed to the links to our listings of Piano Dealers and Piano Manufacturers.

Searches in the primary search engines frequently land people directly in our state by state (local) listings for dealers.

Doesn't it make sense to place your ads where your potential customers are looking?

And because we charge a flat rate (not by the number of times your ad is displayed, not by clicks, not by sales, not by some clever sliding scales or algorithm, and not by any other method cleverly designed to increase your costs), you can budget your advertising on Piano World for a year knowing your costs won't go up.

This also means as our traffic increases (as it has every year) you will reap the benefits without paying more.


That's right. Sign up for 12 months of Advertising on Piano World between now
and the end of January 2012 and we will give you one additional month absolutely free (of same type of advertising).

Dealer Classified ads start as low as $300.00 a year for a comprehensive ad with pictures, descriptions, and links, making advertising on Piano World a no-brainer. And you can update/edit your ad any time during the year.

(Even though our traffic keeps increasing, we have been charging the same rates for over 3 years now in an effort to help you keep your advertising costs down.)

Manufacturers give us a chance and we will be happy to show you how we can help you substantially increase brand awareness, including via our Display Ads and Forums Interstitial Ads . You can also purchase an enhanced listing in our Piano Manufacturers section, including a full page with pictures and video.

And don't forget to ask us about what we can do working together with you to direct more business to your dealer network.

Kathy (my office manager) and I will be attending the NAMM show Jan. 19-23.

Send me an email (frank_baxter@pianoworld.com) or give us a call if you'd like to set up an in-person meeting while we are at the NAMM show, or if you'd just like to learn more about Advertising on Piano World .
Even if you aren't ready to advertise now on the world's most popular piano web site, we'd love to meet you.

As true piano lovers we are always happy to meet folks who share our enthusiasm for the instrument and the music. And I rarely turn down a free meal or cocktail :-)

Ready to Place an Ad Right Now?
Submit your ad here ( http://www.pianoworld.com/advertising/ ), and mention NAMM show special in the comments section.
We will extend your (paid) 12 month ad(s) to 13.

(If you are a dealer who has been benefiting from posting on the forums, without supporting us by purchasing an ad, this would be a great time to step up.)

Already advertising on Piano World?
Renew your existing ad(s) for 12 months and we will extend your renewed (paid) ad(s) to 13 months.

And yes, this even applies to banner display ads on the forums and run-of-site when you commit to an additional 12 contiguous months of advertising.

2012... Many people feel we've turned a corner and 2012 is the year when business will start to improve. Will you be advertising in the right place when people are looking?
You will if you are advertising on Piano World.

Questions? Need more facts?
Let us know, we will be happy to answer your questions and help you design an effective advertising campaign that will truly help you increase business and won't break the bank.

Best Regards,

Frank Baxter / Founder & Host
Kathy Ford / Office Manager & Cheering Section
Piano World
9925 Ulmerton Rd #227
Largo, FL 33771
The World's Most Popular Piano Web Site
Advertising: (860) 741-2625
Customer Service: 203-779-0373
Fax: (727) 474-7915

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Here is a good example of the power of advertising on Piano World. The following is from one of our display
advertisers (those boxes you see on either side of the forums). This email was sent to me on January 4, 2012, indicating how many times their ad was displayed on Piano World.

"Hi Frank,

Something has changed in the past month (Dec.) with our ad on Piano World. Every time someone visits the page where our ad is, the ad is downloaded from our site just as though someone had clicked on it.
In one day, the ad downloaded over 26,000 times. That proves you have great traffic but we have to change something. Because of that one ad, our website's bandwidth needs have more than doubled in only one month."

(Note: We are now hosting the image for them to save their bandwidth).

* Links to a few of the thousands of posts created by people who have thanked Piano World for helping them find and choose their new piano...




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