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Best Studio Piano Brands?

Posted By: BarbP

Best Studio Piano Brands? - 12/18/11 04:38 AM

Just wondering what the top studio size piano brands are? Any that should be avoided? I have done a lot of research on different brands, what to look for, moving the piano, etc, but would find it helpful to hear from people who actually know pianos which brands are good (because obviously the piano manufacturing website is going to say theirs is!)
Posted By: MrMagic

Re: Best Studio Piano Brands? - 12/18/11 05:50 AM

Wow, that's a loaded question, and I don't think you will find an answer here. After all, we all love our pianos, and even if we didn't, would we admit it after shelling out 10, 30, 50, 80 thousand dollars?

I think it boils down to your budget and what YOU like. Go and play lots and lots of pianos till you find the one you like. Then it might be useful to do some research on that particular piano if it makes you feel better.
Posted By: Jonathan Alford

Re: Best Studio Piano Brands? - 12/19/11 03:03 AM


Have you checked out the Piano Buyer guide? Link on the left hand side of this page.

Posted By: Rod Verhnjak

Re: Best Studio Piano Brands? - 12/19/11 03:26 AM

O.K. here is the perfect opportunity to suggest a Charles Walter 1500.
The other dealers can't say it's to short being a studio model. grin
Posted By: Rickster

Re: Best Studio Piano Brands? - 12/19/11 12:52 PM

The first studio upright I owned was a 1969 model Kohler & Campbell 46”; it was a much better sounding and playing piano than the Cable console of the same age that I had at the time. I sold the K&C after about a year and gave the Cable console to my granddaughter.

Then, I purchased an early 2000’s model Petrof studio (46”); it was a very nice sounding and playing piano… warm and mellow with a very clear upper treble. I sold it after about a year or so…

Now, I own a Baldwin 243 46” studio that I bought from a local college surplus sale recently. It too has a very nice, mellowish tone.

I’d say most any of the better known brands, and maybe even some of the lesser known brands would be good candidates… buy the one you like the best!

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